Yes this is now the best part of the printer

Yes, printers that have such fun, is your life lucky

Each girl or the man who would be tempted to mark a relationship.

Literature, write a poem,

Moschino iPad Mini Case

Asshole, tattooed body.

The wise guy like you and I? –Use “MEMOBIRD Goo Goo”.


MEMOBIRD cuckoo is now the best part of the printer.

Yes, pay attention to my words, is fun, not durable, convenient, such as wheels.

–Clarifying the truth, have a significant other, best took off his pants,

Who cares if a printer is not durable, convenient and inconvenient?

Fun on the trip.



“Cuckoo chick” how fun?

Simply put, this cargo is supermarket shopping receipt printer.

A in thermal paper, a spit take.

–Get it?

This is the first place to have fun, it is small.

Is equivalent to 330 ml of small beer,

Using the standard thermal paper,

Less than 1 cents per print, and supports WiFi wireless connection.

Meet the platform APP,

You can hold the phone on the couch,

Says, “wives come and fire”

At the end of the “cuckoo chick” then print out these words,

And then, my wife came,

To fly out of a pillow,

Clearance pillows flew,

You see, her eyes smiling.



And it’s obviously not about guns you can print Declaration. Moschino iPad Mini Case

Memos, records, passing messages,

Photos, maps, the Internet took off, Moschino iPad Mini Case

See the content on your phone screen, wirelessly printed.

Indeed, can also micro-or your circle of friends to share the printer with friends,

In the bedroom,

It connected, it may be the world.

So you TA in Shanghai Beijing,

May also want to say words or photographs,

Print directly from your printer, the equivalent of a super mini fax machine!

–Look, it’s long-distance artifact,

When TA is popping with others,

They need to “Goo Goo chicken” crisp singing ~



Yes, that’s right,

This is probably the “cuckoo chick” existence value,

In an era of virtualization,

We still miss the paper’s temperature.



What else I need to say it? Love unusual creative grocery store for sale.


Say it again: love unusual creative grocery store for sale.


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