Hai Tao Fitbit Force friends Group bookings

Judging from feedback of this two days back, several users have mentioned the Fitbit Force under reservation. We also have ordering (also shipped on the line), so we decided to organize a group reservation Fitbit Force activities.

# Hai Tao #Fitbit Force friends Group bookings

1) booking process

Since the Fitbit will only support the United States and Canada address book, so we will ship through the transit company, namely first-mover to transport companies, and then sent back home by the transport company, we distributed to everyone.

Specific processes as shown below.

# Hai Tao #Fitbit Force friends Group bookings

2) book specifications

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The book product for Fitbit Force official configuration includes:

Fitbit Force wristband X1 charge wire x 1 synchronization bar x 1

# Hai Tao #Fitbit Force friends Group bookings

Fibit Force comes in two colors (black, blue) and size (large, small), generally speaking men in large, girls with trumpets.

3) book prices and periods Dolce Gabbana iPhone Cases

Fitbit Force booking price is $ 129.95, about 800 Yuan (credit card exchange rate is probably 6.135).

Insurance cost, we used Hai Tao is generally not insurance, but since it is now a group reservation, ventilation in case of forwarding companies far too big, so the transport insurance, prices for the price of 3%, about 25 Yuan;

Transfer costs, fee for the transport companies, and Chinese customs regulations, parcels sent from abroad must comply with the “personal use within + 1000” standards, some slight variations in the handling of our unified charge 50 Yuan.

Domestic segment fee, we will arrange SF (SF express company), freight collect.

That is, we reservation price for: 875 Yuan + domestic Shun Feng to pay (Shenzhen issued), compared Taobao Shang 1000 Yuan around of reservation price (after all family to by this dinner), we this price does is friendship help price, per person limited purchased a a, if you can in micro-letter background Xia single of while description and love make machine of origin, has may will get we of priority care Oh.

In cycle Shang, zhiqian of Fitbit Flex just listed Shi on encountered had official website has been postponed delivery of problem, currently official website said 4-6 week shipping, but new products has may also will postponed more long time, whole process down 1-2 months even more long time are has may, so impatient of friends please caution took, United States there not shipping, we side certainly also variable not out……

If you have any questions, welcome to leave us a message on the micro-. Last love machine, micro QR code, if you don’t have concern, quickly picked up the phone to scan it.

# Hai Tao #Fitbit Force friends Group bookings

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