Wit s end Domestic release Xperia Sony Z5 series new

Wit's end? Domestic release Xperia Sony Z5 series new

This morning Sony held a “my 5” theme of the Conference, Xperia Z5 series officially releases the new machines in the country. New machine was previously published Z5 twin brothers, but China only produced two big brother Z5 Prestige Edition with the Z5, Z5 small screen Compact and not as ex-Z3 Compact in the domestic market.

Wit's end? Domestic release Xperia Sony Z5 series new

Wanted Z5 Premium Z5 Prestige Edition in the country. The world’s first machine equipped with 4K screen, measurements are 154x76x7.8 mm, equipped with Gao Tongxiao 810 processor, 5.5-inch IPS screen, 3GB RAM+32GB ROM,1/2.3 inches of 23 million cameras, support fingerprinting, battery capacity 3430mAh, official claimed battery life of up to two days. State line at $ 5699, Hong Kong version is 6398, three color options, namely silver mirror, ladies gold and phantom black.

Wit's end? Domestic release Xperia Sony Z5 series new

Z5 also released and measurements are 146x72x7.3 mm, configurations in addition to 1080P the screen other than the 5.2-inch screen, the rest of the hardware with the Z5 exclusive version is fully consistent, fingerprinting is likewise integrated in the power button on, 810 processor +3GB RAM+32GB ROM+24mm wide angle Sony g lens, battery slightly shrinking 2900mAh, but Sony Z5 privilege is guaranteed two day use. Four colours of elements white, wheat fields of gold, Qing chuan Green a mighty black. Regarding price, till press time, Sony’s official website, China did not last the Z5, offer price of 5698 Hong Kong as reference.

This once Z5 series still keep with z series line of appearance (is not variable, you playing I AH), just original simulation high-end watches texture of power key because fingerprint recognition of sake slightly changes, features of IP65/68 waterproof dust continues to used, Z5 statue enjoy version back glass for mirror design, Z5 is is mill sand texture, has has got machine of user said Z5 statue enjoy version this fingerprint collection of capacity… Even if this is not done, “Lei” Sony deliberately called the camera Division of training, 4K was also added on the screen, but rushed the higher price than the iPhone, Dafa disciples are willing to chop hand buy buy buy?

Wit's end? Domestic release Xperia Sony Z5 series new

But believers have to buy, it’s reservation official website now have access to QX10 or Bluetooth headset. This year, sells mood no one buy it, Sony is how long this belief can support a question. (Especially the group talk to buy buy buy, must protect their uncle’s smile, how many people really sell their kidneys to buy legal flagship? ) Vera Bradley cases Vera Bradley iPhone case


Wit's end? Domestic release Xperia Sony Z5 series new
Wit's end? Domestic release Xperia Sony Z5 series new

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Xperia Z5 Premiun

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Sony Z5 Premium in the IFA said in November, when published on the global market. Today, cat appeared in the Sony flagship store in the mall a Sony Z5 Premium line version, named Sony Z5 Prestige Edition. This phone is still in the pre, officially went on sale on November 1. On the Cat page, this Sony Z5 exclusive version for 5700, sales price 5699.

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