TechWorld 2016 Lenovo is the way to go in the future This week s column

Lei feng’s network: starting Monday, we learned that small cable ties social networking accounts being hacked, hackers are pervasive, followed by entrance movie with Chinese characteristics, college entrance examination essay was widely discussed topic VR entered; then the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is approaching, Lenovo not idle, TechWorld 2016 held in across the Pacific, many new product launches; and VR with a hammer and some new moves.

1, Zuckerberg’s social networking accounts being hacked, why led the British to blame? |  Depth

Swirl of violence days before leading the British account password a large spill, today has a more interesting development: small pierced’s social network Facebook boss, precisely, is Pinterest and Twitter account was hacked.

But this thing, after security experts of research and really to blame for leading British. You Sir don’t worry, let me slowly.

Collar size of British social networking site passwords are stored without salt is very bad. Now hackers get password of our Bible, using rainbow tables to find out, you can find our passwords in clear text. Pinterest and Twitter password for the small cable ties that several of his usual, led the British side out of a try, black inside.

More strange led the British reason, please click the article to read.

“The author” author Song, Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest), column writers, Seattle Newsky Security company co-founder and CTO, industry leading anti-virus experts, hackers.

TechWorld 2016, Lenovo is the way to go in the future? | This week's column selection

2, the first Tango built-in Google mobile phone, Lenovo Phab 2 What are the technology behind Pro?

In the recent Lenovo TechWorld 2016 Conference, we appreciate the Association brought a variety of new products and technologies, one of the most eye-catching was undoubtedly Phab 2 Pro mobile phone mobile phone–the first built-in Google Tango technology.

Tango core technology:

Motion tracking Motion Tracking-via mobile devices come with a variety of sensors, in the case of not by an external signal (such as GPS,WiFi and Bluetooth Beacon, etc), get the attitude and position of the device in real time, tracking device in motion in three dimensions.

Environmental study Area Learning-by Visual information record and leading environment, automatic correction of environmental construction and movement tracking in the accumulation of errors, identify duplicate environment.

Depth-sensing Depth Perception-depth using the three dimensional environment sensor scans to construct three dimensional models.

In addition to Tango’s technical and functional, it has unique technology of Phab 2 Pro mobile phone is likely to phone with VR, AR industries have a large impact.

More materials, please click the article to read.

“The author” the writer Chen z, is senior software engineer Google glasses.

TechWorld 2016, Lenovo is the way to go in the future? | This week's column selection

End of the age of 3, intelligent hardware: an industry collective lessons of Miss

Fall of 2014 when I write of the raise dead, Jingdong and Taobao to raise just a hot opening. From 2014 to now, we have not seen any one product for all the chips and get a universal success. I found my own judgment–was too one-sided and not only raise dead, intelligent hardware industry may be the collective being vacant, while the raise dead is just a line plot. Michael Kors Case for iPad air

Intelligent hardware based on splicing technology new products, is a fully competitive and even excessive competition in the market. So in the end fought are not standard, but all members of business resources. Who more resources whose resource cheap who wins.

If a product team, smart hardware startup window is over: If there is a resource team, before I made this article must have direction make arrangements for other industries if it is an upstream supplier, it’s time to let go of being platform independent and independent brands, had retreated to customer orders.

Lessons are what? Do the bar thing, mobilizing the widest range of social power to do things, not a big guy, a company, a faction at the core of things. This sort of thing usually will not “Miss”.

More incisive reviews, please click on the article to read.

“The author” writer Xie Tiandi, Lei Feng General Manager, welcome their letters public “wisdom teeth”.

TechWorld 2016, Lenovo is the way to go in the future? | This week's column selection

4, looks very cool hidden fingerprint identification, how far is it from us?

Since 1998 after Siemens demonstrates mobile phone with fingerprint recognition, fingerprint identification did not silence, but after more than 10 years of continuous development, in face of iPhone5s then set off a wind, led to the first year of mobile fingerprint identification.

A few years later, looks like there is no one to break in the experience and beyond Touch ID. Indeed, after fingerprints after the derived from keen the various major fingerprint technology companies an opportunity to develop new technologies. They constantly to show their new technology, have started to fingerprint identification – hidden fingerprints.

Meeting the top is concealed with the world’s first fingerprint identification of manufacturer, called IFS integrated fingerprint recognition and touch technology (Invisible Fingerprint Sensor).

Hope that the next one to two years, mobile phone manufacturers to try the glass Groove hides fingerprints, even good experience do not have an existing, but this move is the fingerprint technology companies hope.

Learn more about the technology of hiding fingerprint identification company, and products, click here to read the article.

“The author” the writer dengdengdaren, Al Gore know column technology.

TechWorld 2016, Lenovo is the way to go in the future? | This week's column selection

5, Hello, here is a guide to investment: the “answer” questions on which v and more likely to make money? Michael Kors air Case

“The answer” was suddenly overwhelming in two or three days at the end of May, from the media, to the QQ Group, then to know – but in the letter in the circle of friends are rare. Funny thing is, before the independent App launched on June 1, the “answer” is the main entrance and loading the main app subscription number.

“The answer” marketing formula is still the consumer NET red.

In the “answer”, answering questions pay threshold, this is ask yourself. Can choose to answer questions received, more than 48 hours without answering questions full refund, answer open questions will be listed, other users can pay 1 Yuan eavesdropping. Eavesdropping on half asked, half owned by the questioner.

The premise of all this is that these big v also often play “answer”, is not only holding a field away.

Answer really can go on for a long time, please? We’ll see.

“The author” the writer Chen Zi赟, former Deputy Director of the Editorial Office of the popular software, video game Research Association of China (Chinese DiGRA) Conference speakers.

6, electric-car melee: Tencent Foxconn EV exposure, and Wei to auto, car and competitive analysis (I) 

Story first, the car circles.

Fu Qiang, President and CEO of the Volvo auto sales company in China’s joining an electric start-up.


But soon people’s interests from Fu Qiang, and he was transferred to Zhejiang car new car company–Internet smart electric vehicle company, referred to the car.

Investors behind it are the main reasons attracting attention-the harmony-rich, and run by Tencent, Foxconn and harmonious joint three-party joint venture company, control of 55% stake in the car.


From a product standpoint, are likely to occur in the future vs the car … car and home, Future Mobility vs. Wei to cars to fight competition.

Chaotic competition, can have a much clearer understanding of reading this article.

“The author” the writer Yu xinlie, auto industry veteran practitioners.

TechWorld 2016, Lenovo is the way to go in the future? | This week's column selection

7, sweep the robot how do indoor location?

If cleaning system is sweeping the robot dubbed “sweep” of the name of the capital, is to sweep the robot heart; then the autonomous navigation system is dubbed “robot” in the name of energy, is to sweep the robot’s brain.

Dead reckoning method (Dead-Reckoning Method) is a classic method of relative position and sweep the robot is currently the most widely used method of a location.

Absolute location refers to the robot through access to the outside world some known reference information such as location, by calculating the relationship between ourselves and the reference information, and then calculate their own location.

Independent positioning is to sweep the robot path planning Foundation. After years of study, while constrained by factors such as cost, production, dead reckoning method is still the most widely used method of positioning, but through algorithm optimization using hybrid positioning, to minimise the effect of the error.

Related articles: the sweep path planning of robot is what to do? 》

“The author” the writer Zhang Yukun/Liu Wei from bupt human-computer and cognition Lab (male: man machine and cognition lab).

TechWorld 2016, Lenovo is the way to go in the future? | This week's column selection

When 8, 5G in the end will come, and what it can bring to us?

5G Group on June 1 at the first Global Conference on 5G released the white paper in the 5G network architecture design, which embodies the latest achievements of 5G network technology research in China, which means from the 5G research has entered substantial advance phase of the concept of–5G they really want to.

In nouns such as 3G, 4G and 5G, and g is the English word “generation” (x) abbreviation. Thus, the 5G is the fifth generation of mobile communications technology.

In the field of mobile communication:

First generation simulation technology;

Second generation enables digitized voice communications;

Third generation is known as the 3G, is characterized by multimedia communication;

The fourth generation of 4g technology is being rolled out, the communication rate improved, marked into wireless broadband era.

Simple, 5G speed will be faster, and power consumption will be less than 4G, so as to bring a range of new wireless products.

5G coming soon? To keep our expectations.

“The author” the writer @ 4G China, telecom analyst, Erik core experts, focus on communications research, attitude of the original. Interested in moving its micro-letter number: “3G” (china_3g).

Galaxy S6 edge

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Galaxy S6 edge

Michael Kors Case for iPad air

S6 Edge above the Exynos 7420 processor Samsung aligned currently dominate the market for high-end mobile processors of Qualcomm’s crotch hard feet, 14nm FinFET technology, as well as the Samsung 6 generations perfecting the design of the size of Samsung the 7420 phase for the Snapdragon 810 processor currently on sale have absolute advantages.

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