Distance telephone invented the 140 years later it was to redefine smart phone

In 1876, when Alexander Graham Bell applied for on the radio first patent, it was able to hear voices from across the ocean. After more than 100 years, due to the mobile phone (cell phone) the popularity of traditional radio was given a new name–the landline.

With the capability of voice calls only “landline” on mobile, interactive and on the richness of the content being “mobile” comprehensive transcended. The new name given, also means that two generations of change of telephone equipment.

FENDI iPhone 6 plus

Then the plane really so out of it? A startup in the country said “no”.

Why do we need a smart phone?

On May 7, 2016, Digital Home technology at the National Convention Center, Beijing has released a new product–see the smart phone. The technology product launches a rare invitation to the Feng Xiaogang and Jiayi Zhang chaired two stars opening, even more interesting is that day’s Conference site to 1000 mothers.

If you understood most simply see this product, it is a main video call intelligent terminals. See using a circular design, is behind the main fuselage of a separate rechargeable speaker; on the front of machine, is a 160 degree wide angle camera with 5 meters of distance miking system, users can video call in front of a screen with your family and can walk freely in the room.

See circular interface, team adopted a minimalist interaction logic – appear on the first screen of 8 commonly used contacts or 8 common application, perform a call or to open an application no more than 2 clicks. Team, described it as “both 2 years old children and 98 years old will be able to complete the operation.” Seen through WiFi or network of China Mobile, China Unicom, transmit call data, access to content.

Founding partner Wu Wenliang told Lei feng of the digital home network, they do see a starting point is to lower the threshold of learning to use the Internet, even if it is an elderly person or a child can learn.

According to CNNIC’s report shows that by December 2015, the number of Internet users in China reached 688 million, accounting for 50.3% of the total population. Team believes that this national along with nearly half of the population have no access to the Internet.

“Usually, people will think of this part of the Internet population is because of economic reasons we initially thought so too. “Digital home CEO tangbo Lei Feng network explains,” but we found after careful research: real because of economic reasons Internet population make up a very small proportion of them, only about 10% a few; the rest of us, mostly Internet usage threshold got in line. ”

Digital Home CEO tangbo seeing release.

What should a truly intelligent machine have?

Tangbo, tells us that first they define strong communications skills, 160 degree wide angle for clear video is one thing, than traditional video software on mobile phones with simpler, better experience, see also supports video messages, voice mail and handwritten messages.

The other hand, they are also trying to provide commonly used Internet services more easily than mobile phone touch–music, video, radio, weather, and more.

Seeing is not only the home video Terminal, the team also hope that it is an integrated home entertainment terminals. Such as on the music service, seen through a partnership with some rights reserved, then redesigned the presentation of music content in the interface (blocks of different colors represent different styles of music) and video services are similar.

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) Edit is a stable, see Understanding hardware terminals, while the team above defines a minimalist product design principles and interaction specifications. Digital home of Wu Wenliang said: this is a brand new category, hoping but not those who want to surf the Internet needs to “release”.

See described in the team’s vision is to build a whole new way, communications and Internet have become simple, if not Internet savvy users can easily access and understand Internet users to more easily enjoy the convenience of communication and rich content.

Digital Home founding partner Wu Wenliang in seeing release.

Now seeing the first generation of products has an open book, this generation of products sell for 5800 Yuan; tangbo revealed that compared to metal’s first generation products, this year they also launched the second generation of younger and more popular products.

And the smart phone will become a new way of life? Let us wait and see.

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Yesterday morning to see the news that Google out of the router TPLINK foundry, priced at $ 199, on a variety of large configuration. This is not surprising, in this year’s Google IO conference saw release on the Internet of things operating systems when Brillo, I thought, what kind of equipment to afford such an expensive system, I guess then routers.

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