2013 5 reason for excitement for augmented reality

2013 5 reason for excitement for augmented reality

Augmented reality looks like a concept for the future, but it will be implemented in 2013 of our digital life. Augmented reality is able to rich people hear, see, feel that obscures our real-world limits with the virtual world technology. Here is what I think it will be achieved by 2013 5 reasons:

Google Glass will come!

Whether Google’s Project of Glass or “Sight” concept video, the Internet could not have field terminators. However, some companies this year are starting to make some progress is quite impressive. This fall, the Vuzix augmented reality within the company in their first meeting, monocular augmented reality prototype for industrial use. Innovega at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show showed off their prototype of augmented reality contact lenses, they are now seeking approval from the food and drug administration.

2013 5 reason for excitement for augmented reality

Meanwhile, retail brand Oakley as well as gaming company Valve quickly with Apple and Microsoft patent application of such a great company to join the competition. But if you want to use augmented reality products for Christmas, now is not the time. Because we can get and price the people of wearable augmented reality device may be before 2014 will not last.

On augmented reality will be equipped with Smartphones

We may not available Paul Smith in the near future augmented reality glasses. OEM mobile phone handset manufacturers jointly with the telecommunications company will perfect the next generation of smart mobile augmented reality, Visual displays, as well as shooting performance, this is happening. Nokia recently in its application exclusive City glasses Lumia devices. United Kingdom chip maker ARM is also concerned about augmented reality for some time now to strengthen and improve their work on Samsung Galaxy SII,, SIII and Note on equipment experience. Nor can we ignore the Telefonica, they are crazy on the O2 network and advertising on augmented reality.

2013 5 reason for excitement for augmented reality

Location, location, location

On augmented reality into our world in the process, GPS and geographic data in earlier had played a role. Junaio and Layar application created quite a stir in the world of technology, which provides location-based navigation channels and layers, to show people the information around them. In 2013, we look forward to the next generation of GPS-based applications can not only receives gyro, camera sensor data for such mobile devices can also use based on close to small range of other mobile technologies, like NFC. OtterBox Note 4

Stunt of death

Marketing Conference that can make you smile on 3D Bunny soon would come as a new, but from a user’s point of view, for a one time experience to develop a new application has no lasting value and unbearable. 2013 IKEA catalog is a vision application featuring augmented reality, they make furniture 3D visualization and provide video and data to the reader, although it was released after July 2012, but 2012 application downloads than any other brand. Based on this achievement points, we look forward to other companies began to use augmented reality to management throughout the life cycle of products, like Mitsubishi can be visualized heating and refrigeration components enterprise application MeViewAR. Mitsubishi has begun to move in 2013 the new stage, they’re going to do Visual 3D maintenance guide for service engineers.

2013 5 reason for excitement for augmented reality

The emergence of real experience

Augmented reality is a new technology, which means that many applications will encounter challenges of developing augmented reality. We’ve never seen augmented reality version of angry birds, nor even the unofficial. But a successful augmented reality gaming will be big this beyond doubt. We look forward to more games in 2013, using this method, so that we can experience a step closer toward the real. But the industry can expect one of the most exciting applications of augmented reality is associated with the peripheral only. 3D content is very difficult to do, it is very difficult and expensive and take time, and is likely the biggest obstacle in creating augmented reality experiences occurred. Augmented reality needs a can easily create 3D content and output to the main application on supported platforms.

OtterBox Note 4


Minecraft Reality: the objects in the game moved to the real world OtterBox Note 4

Augmented reality, more and more closer to reality

Titanium mouse

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Titanium mouse

Because the game, SKY player, China became the idol, because Wow, Li Xiaofeng, known as world of Warcraft, “King”; the game, he succeeded in defending the WCG in Warcraft, become the first person in the world. “He would like to do as a career, and chose a path full of thorns: stick, confused, helpless, glory … … SKY experience tells us that life can have different choices. “

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