Smart Micro House Internet of things era inhabitation

  Micro House (Tiny House) was instrumental in controlling costs provide maximum comfort and meet the sustainability, low energy requirements of small houses. Into the Internet era, miniature House by and the latest smart technology has further evolved. Intel has created a model of intelligent Micro-House, to demonstrate the latest Internet smart living experience, what will the people how to enjoy at home. OtterBox iPhone 6+ Case

  This House is located in the United States in San Francisco, jointly by Intel brand Kyle Schuneman Minim Homes and builders to build. Only 19.5 square meters. But through a combination of intelligent technology for Internet and proper design of multi-functional, has created a simple and comfortable, environmental protection and efficient intelligent small space.

  Intel to build intelligent micro-very modern minimalist house design. Able to provide a fully automated home information platform, including not only for indoor lighting, full-time automatic control of temperature. Even automatic processing problems, such as when a pipeline leak, it will be fully automatic monitoring and problem solving. OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus Case

  Appliances, temperature, lighting, doors and Windows are connected to the networking system in real time, live to mobile devices and voice control. This system is also able to study living habits and intelligently to provide homeowners with the humanization housing environment.

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OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus Case

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