Smart Home Chou Feng Wen simple VR glasses hit the big play virtual reality

Just this past week, there are two important event in Beijing–two big guys from the Internet, namely, mobile phone and search for thousands of years the second. Customer focus in June that Samsung Gear VR virtual reality glasses and Baidu’s new BaiduEye. Simple virtual reality glasses more and more, what is disadvantages are for promoting the development of industries? We have started discussions.

In addition, intelligent hardware exception hot designers to how these products are, they really reach the intellectual effect? House guests this week are some concerns.

, Samsung and Baidu: hand does not necessarily stop, but behind some spanking Michael Kors

Smart Home Chou Feng Wen: simple VR glasses hit the big play virtual reality

In essence, BaiduEye that is, image recognition, speech recognition, and got through the database, so that products can be realized very early on the phone, BaiduEye and innovation where necessary? What’s more, after castration showed, BaiduEye pure voice and one-way Visual interaction is flawed. From this perspective, it as worse than cell phones. BaiduEye is done solely for the following Google Glass products.

Gear VR made virtual reality concept, Yes, but its implementation is not complicated, Google open source of Cardboard, internally released two days before the storm, mirror, is similar to the basic product. Second mobile phone manufacturer in the world, at this point, but with a level of domestic entrepreneurial teams in the product field.

Second, the simple VR glasses: toy or tool?

Smart Home Chou Feng Wen: simple VR glasses hit the big play virtual reality

When Google uses a cheap Cardboard boxes mocks Facebook buys Oculus Rift, some people know the truth, really think Taobao tray that cost less than 10 dollars, coupled with your mobile phone you can achieve comparable Oculus Rift virtual reality effects.

Simple VR glasses similar to the mirror of the storm, if you want to complete the evolution from toys to tools, you need not just a price of 99, is to give the user a more important put it, rather than just a reason to give up the House playing.

Three, plastic Helmets be channeling virtual reality

Smart Home Chou Feng Wen: simple VR glasses hit the big play virtual reality

Virtual reality products at the consumer level in the last year about Oculus and Sony for everyone knows on at this year’s Google I/O, Google launched open source Cardboard paper and storm Samsung plastic and virtual reality helmets could say the price of cabbage into a climax.

How virtual reality can reach farther and wider application of Ant CEO tanzheng view is very interesting:  Michael Kors iPad air Cases

(When) a good enough product, able to defeat the other players on the market, access to a large number of users, and cause the shanzhai players compete to plagiarism, (virtual reality) has set the standard.

Four, the current intelligent hardware is of no use data collected?

Smart Home Chou Feng Wen: simple VR glasses hit the big play virtual reality

This thing sounds very awkward. Manufacturers propaganda, it is often said by accumulating data, can be done automatically based on the personal habits of the recommend settings, settings, and linkage with different devices without disabilities, as well as more in-depth research, but these features have been bounced, totally did not reflect the product.

We will look forward, through data collection could provide more possibilities in the future, will allow us to enjoy life. But the reality is that in the field of intelligent hardware people still do not know how to use the data to achieve the expected effect, now too far from the target of attempts.

Intelligent hardware–in the eyes of five designers to visit Jane founder Wei min

Smart Home Chou Feng Wen: simple VR glasses hit the big play virtual reality

On how to design a good product, simple geometry of the methodology are: dealing with the environment, harmonious relationship between people and objects. Wei min says, at the time of communication with customers, they will first of all allow customers to clearly defined–brand or style of the founder, product-oriented user groups, product features, price, and so on. Straight after this, cooperation will follow.

When asked about their views on these intelligent hardware products, Wei min, same as was out for a long time to blurt out: “these entrepreneurs are really wants to do anything”, he thought, to achieve genuine intelligence it needs to integrate a lot of resources, giant may be more appropriate to do these things. And the small companies if looking for a scenario, solve a problem on the line, and should not make simple things complex.

Six, watches and the machine are some mean-friends of Meizu hardcore

Smart Home Chou Feng Wen: simple VR glasses hit the big play virtual reality

On the smart card hardware, compared to millet Meizu has been selected the light way, openness on the part of manufacturers basically loved and everyone moves quickly (inWatch and Ghost are almost completed in about 1 month of Meizu has been integrated). As for experience, of LifeKit intelligent hardware interaction how do we improve? We haven’t got the equipment, please focus on follow-up reports to the King.

Michael Kors iPad air Cases

Seven, Meizu “does not believe” what? “

Smart Home Chou Feng Wen: simple VR glasses hit the big play virtual reality

3rd, Meizu together in 4 of the first 5, close to the Beijing international trade “company meeting” care Meizu dynamic to a group of reporters Connect to Meizu+ smart hardware details. The salon, the North Island’s poem is mentioned – “Let me tell you, the world, I don’t believe it! “Everyone knows is calling for millet.

Meizu is not what to believe? Don’t believe millet with intelligent hardware makers. They believe that this is not a very good way, is not the only way, Meizu did not believe this. Meizu believes that if you can with the best team, best product together, will be able to build a more healthy than the jungle ecosystem.

Eight, the secret of the rise of the apes 2: how science and technology have 8 people played the entire Gorilla tribe?

Smart Home Chou Feng Wen: simple VR glasses hit the big play virtual reality

The rise of the apes 2 must be this week’s most popular film, a delicate emotion, character, full of Gorilla becomes the film’s protagonist and leads apes junction camp zhazhai and the human struggle, could not believe his eyes. Of course, the acting cast of superb gorilla could not be trained, not makeup, but using motion-capture technology with computer graphics processing techniques (CG) perfectly.

In simple terms, is the actor, who played apes wore special clothes and capture people’s information, then to establish the orangutan model. Among them, capturing people’s information in two ways, one is the optical motion capture technology is more mature, is a more advanced inertial motion capture based on sensor technology.

Grand recently interviewed guests engaged in the Connaught room sensor motion capture technology company, listening to Dr Liu Hao-Yang about production process behind these effects.

Millet 4I

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