Tissot the first smart watch Smart Touch battery life up to 1 year

  Following the big names such as taigehaoya Switzerland after the watchmaker, Tissot has also entered the field of smart watches. Wei Feng network on March 20, Tissot in dishing out a Smart Touch Smart Watch products, although it is not powered by Android operating system Wear, but can still be connected to smart phones. Disney iPhone 6 Case

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  Francois Thiebaud, Tissot company’s Chief Executive, in an interview said, the primary purpose of Smart Touch is show time. This means that the Smart Touch Watch did not Gear against Samsung S2 or Apple Apple Watch as the goal.

Tissot the first smart watch Smart Touch battery life up to 1 year

  It is understood that when the user moves the Smart Touch Smart Watches via a Bluetooth connection to a smart phone, it will synchronize the international time zone changes, and provides weather updates and GPS location and tracking. However, we do not know whether it has message alerts or push. Disney case

  Tissot its the first smart watch mainly aimed at consumers was keen on outdoor sports. Because the relationship is equipped with solar panels, this watch’s battery life up to 1 year. In addition, its all smart function can be turned off, and then as a regular watch continues to work.

  In addition, the Tissot Smart Touch can also air humidity, air quality and temperature data to the smart phone. This watch will enter the market at the end of this year, prices may be set at $ 1000.

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