Altspace VR is open to all this is a network of virtual reality world

Altspace VR is open to all, this is a network of virtual reality world

Altspace VR users gathered to attend yoga classes

Bringing social media into the 3D immersive experience Altspace VR virtual reality software company announced that it would officially open to users, virtual reality experience enables users to take part in some collective activities, such as watching a movie or the Super Bowl, as well as lectures and so on.

Today, the firm based in Redwood City, California after months of invitation and officially launched the project to complete a short visit. But the user needs to have a VR like Oculus Rift system (virtual reality), Altspace provides only a simplified 2D VR system.

CEO Eric Romo Altspace said, the company hopes to expand to large gatherings for market, especially the kind celebrities participate in activities, allows users to participate in question face to face interaction. For example, the company has invited the Explorer Sam Cossman held a virtual lecture later this month, and take your questions. Cossman is famous for using unmanned aerial vehicles detect volcanic eruptions.

Altspace technology allows listeners all over the world, but all in a virtual reality environment. TESLA iPhone 6 Case

“Now, you can contact any experts in the world,” Romo said, “but he may be in his room, and you and other people have a connection to the world. ”

Altspace is currently planning a series of public activities, but they are also trying to build a business model that lets users take advantage of the virtual reality technology to initiate their own activities.

Altspace also recently announced its software development kit, this tool allows third party developers to develop applications in a VR environment. Such as chess games, music, puppet shows and more can be applied to a virtual environment.

Altspace formerly known as Qualia3D, its founder Eric Romo for SpaceX, the 13th employee, began research in cognitive neuroscience in 2009 and are interested in virtual reality. Altspace tried to construct a virtual reality browser community, build a new network in the virtual world. Altspace in September last year received a $ 5.2 million in financing and investment institutions including Google Ventures, Formation, Lux Capital, Rothenberg Ventures and other well-known investment firm. In addition, Tencent also participated in the round.


Altspace VR is open to all, this is a network of virtual reality world
Altspace VR is open to all, this is a network of virtual reality world

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Oculus Rift in virtual reality

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Oculus Rift in virtual reality TESLA iPhone leather case

DK1, Oculus DK2 resolutions increased from 640×800 to 960×1080 (up 1920×1080). First generation of products in order to reduce the feeling of dizziness, DK2 OLED using low latency.

One of the biggest improvement, believe the DK2 will join a group of detect head movements of the camera, so that players can implement such features as “close” movement, officials said just for this function’s optimization team spent a lot of time. In addition, the DK2 gyroscopes, accelerometers and other sensors of the testing frequency will all upgrade to 1000HZ, but the weight will go up to 440 grams.

Price was close to the people (although the DK2 still for developers)

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