New technology Still rehashing Lily drone depth

New technology? Still rehashing? --Lily drone-depth

Author: Top Liu exchanging robot teams

Last Lily drone appears, does get you excited. Friends not by surprise: great sub! Good ass sub! Good innovative science and technology sub!

Are U sure? Is this really new technology? Still the same old stuff?

Listen to the Top explosion point a section analysis of Lily, and ventured to the function of technical maturity and the availability of analysis: 

1. waterproof shell

New technology? Still rehashing? --Lily drone-depth

New: 0 stars

Maturity: 5 stars

Evaluation: possible, but also very practical.

2. throwing flies

New technology? Still rehashing? --Lily drone-depth

Novelty: 3 stars

Maturity: 4 stars

Evaluation: possible, but also very practical. 2014 Parrot company of four-rotor Spider has this feature, but left to fly is to pay attention to posture, Top to try various poses, the conclusion is: throwing, throw a great success, anti-let go (rotor down) is a failure. Gentle throw very successful violence behind is a failure. Top himself designed the 360 degrees attitude control procedures within 0.3 seconds from any posture correction to a horizontal position (but only do simulation, wood rich, wayward fly-free throw, do the experiment). So attitude control is not a problem, the key is that you have a good grasp of running time, will cut into your hand too early, while late off the floor. In this to provide you with an idea: using the acceleration component analysis, parabolic aircraft when flying accelerated, to hand the acceleration is zero, (free fall) parabola, and flight control timer 1, 2, 3 … … boot! The number to the right, or your own home the math!

3. tracking shot

New technology? Still rehashing? --Lily drone-depth

Novelty: 2 stars Disney phone case Disney phone case

Maturity: 4 stars

Evaluation: possible, but when high speed is not very good. Pixhawk open source, such as flight control for many years, with this feature, the basic principle is: users wear a GPS (so does Lily) continuously sends its location to the drones, unmanned aerial vehicles and a relative shift of positions around, do not add words that fly over your head. Du Gao? Yes, highly inaccurate GPS, still need a barometer telling drones his high, so that you can be happy with it! In a ski resort, UFLYING drone Union friends are happily in ski-flying, but the actual effect? OK, then an elementary school math for you: suppose the skier 15m/s speed, 0.4S to slide far? (GPS location updates the shortest interval for 0.2S, digital communications and 0.2s delay). Answer: 6m. Because the GPS update interval and minimal position delay of communication is 6m. So you can only be far behind (camera pulled away, the 6m error is not what), but not close. Scientific friends may ask, we have accelerometer, you wouldn’t have acceleration compensation of Kalman filtering what is! Answer: your tracker with the bird on the wrist, waved to and fro, I don’t know what you are accelerating or playing on the swing arm is! Not to mention the wrist GPS signals have been found can, I still doubt it.

4. the vision

New technology? Still rehashing? --Lily drone-depth

Novelty: 5 stars

Maturity: 3 stars

Evaluation: Lily claims to identify users through machine vision, a more accurate shot. This is the advanced technology, the future is big. But what about reliability? HA HA. If the whole world you people do, more people were numb. If running through flowers and dressed in camouflage, machine vision basic is blind. Therefore, this simple scenario, but the precision is still good as GPS, if combining the two will still be a lot better.

5.360 around shooting

New technology? Still rehashing? --Lily drone-depth

Novelty: 1 stars

Disney phone case

Maturity: 5 stars

Assessment: this is flight control standard, and is not too complex. The simplest approach is to divide a circle into a number of points, then straight route flight effect is also possible, Top company goal fast 360 degree surround flight, using the method of Lyapunov vector fields, in a Word, simple and reliable, the atmosphere, the grade. So it’s no big deal.

6. backhand landed

New technology? Still rehashing? --Lily drone-depth

Novelty: 5 stars

Maturity: 0 stars

Evaluation: Lily is called automatically by Visual landing on the user’s hand. Advise please do not play, try again after you will certainly say: cherish life, away from the Lily! You know landed at hand needs a high recognition accuracy and precision is! To know how much high speed rotating blades that are dangerous, how terrible it is! You sure it will fall on your hand? Instead of the head? So the Top is firmly opposed to this way to please customers! In short, funny, but this one or not.

7. PTZ stability

New technology? Still rehashing? --Lily drone-depth

Novelty: 4 stars

Maturity: 4 stars

Evaluation: mini UAV using image software revision replaced the cumbersome machinery of pan/tilt, will be the trend. Photoblog photography website points out that Lily’s camera and no external image stabilization measures, but with similar Instagram Hyperlapse digital correction technique, the camera uses a Sony iMX 117 modules, it can take 12 million pixel photos or 1080P 60 fps movies (H.264 codec), and the camera angle is 94 °. This thing is more reliable, more practical.

Lily generally belong to one of the existing products of technology integration, function points, but vulnerability is, in a word: Lily holding technical fired a plate of cooked hot meal. Sale $ 499, all right, if there was a technique she can cook, and the price was good value for money. So, I was only trying to network multiple manuscript of Lei feng, fight for good behavior, and look forward to sending me a play, edit! Did you hear?!

Editorial: the network its e-commerce website get the picture of Lei Feng network scheduled Lily drone, if successful, you’ll be the first to start Lily unmanned aerial vehicle users. Address:

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