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In the “3.15” mobile power unknown means 1: a deficiency of capacity in an article, we mentioned the issue of battery empty sign, but we can also disassemble mobile power, see the marking of batteries capacity. Mobile power to know there is a very important and very intuitive index–conversion rate.

We know that electronic products at work, electricity will be part of the circuit is converted to heat, waste, mobile power supply battery capacity cannot fully convert to digital devices. A conversion rate of mobile power, with the advantages and disadvantages of circuit design (PCB wiring, batteries, wire diameter, etc), components of electrical performance (boost chips, Power Inductors, power diodes, capacitor) are closely related. High quality parts and components in addition to mobile power supplies have a higher conversion rate, also allow mobile power supply more stable and more durable.

From the above you can clearly see the advantages and disadvantages of circuit design and component comparison

A minor component on the circuit board, features, but of different quality products, several times the price difference, or even dozens of times. Some manufacturers in order to make a profit, on these components is a province, or even cancel it. Consumer can’t visually see how conversion rates, most portable power manufacturers does not actively publicize their product conversion rates. He was 60%, or 80% so that consumers themselves to guess, anyway, for consumers to buy products again. At present, the efficiency gap between commercially available mobile power products, high quality power conversion efficiency of more than 90%, inferior products even less than 50%.

Everyone with to do a simple of arithmetic problem: to a paragraph nominal 10000mAh capacity of mobile power for column, if conversion rate reached 90%, so user can using of actual capacity for 9000mAh; and conversion rate only 50% words, so user can using of actual capacity only for 5000mAh, both Zhijian difference has 4000mAh, consumers spent 10000mAh mobile power of price, results only buy to has 5000mAh of using effect, All Dou cause yet. Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

This shows that the conversion rate is an important indicator, especially when when we buy large volumes of mobile power. For the average user, does not determine the conversion rate of a mobile power products, but now professional IT media are strengthening this area of concern, love will also be doing some mobile power product reviews before you buy mobile power, look at the media, see mobile power real performance, ensure that your every penny is well spent. Ted Baker Galaxy S4 Case

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New MacBook

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New MacBook

The new MacBook is a very consistent with consumer expectations and the evolution of Apple products.
Caught in the thin and light MacBook Air portable, and equipped with Retina display screen MacBook Pro among consumers, with more in line with the requirements and the ideal choice. The use of new technologies, new MacBook to further enhance integration and integration, improved keyboard, touchpad and screen, as well as the new USB-C interface, and has a great imagination and ability to play.

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