Foreign Media Surface Book is the PC manufacturer s nightmare

  Microsoft’s announcement in October 6, issued a surprise surprise product–Surface Book, there is no doubt that this two in one PC will be selected the best Windows laptops. In addition to the few top gaming laptop, Surface Book is probably the only way to make up the notebook. However, this is a good news for users who love PC, on the other PC manufacturers, may be a nightmare.

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Foreign Media: Surface Book is the PC manufacturer's nightmare

  Recalling the Surface first Book: this is a 13.5-inch laptop, equipped with touch screen, has a unique screen hinge (accurate description hinge), screen and keyboard are separated after the separation into a tablet. Flat part is equipped with a sixth generation Core I-series processor and integrated graphics, keyboard comes with extra batteries and a NVIDIA video card. After you connect a flat panel and keyboard, you can play the full power of this product, performance-intensive tasks. Of course its price is not cheap, at one point, reached a $ 1500.

  Read feet, it’s hard to find the Surface deficiencies of the Book, very few hybrid notebook so attractive. Microsoft will also help its Windows computer OEM manufacturers in a strange position: when small partners provide core systems for OEM products came out with excellent hardware products, they do?

  Forrester Research’s principal analyst with J.P. Gownder said: “this is all OEM Microsoft face action.” This message is very clear, if Dell and HP are no longer innovative, then Microsoft.

Foreign Media: Surface Book is the PC manufacturer's nightmare


  Very likely since Microsoft launched in 2012, after the first generation of Surface Pro, such a collision is inevitable. After that, Microsoft is making its own hardware, and provides its customers with an alternative to replace ally of hardware products. Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6 cases

  However, Surface Pro does not directly compete with their OEM, at the time of launching Surface Pro consumers seem strange. It is a Tablet, and Super, the most important thing is there is a product called Surface RT, not desktop applications. Then Surface and cannot compete with flourishing Lenovo computers.

  By the year 2015, Surface positioning Book is clear.

  Its location is a laptop, Microsoft Surface directly in the Conference Book compared with the MacBook Pro. But Surface Book can also be extended to areas of HP or Dell XPS 13 x360. Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Pro and Surface further consolidation of the different levels of consumer groups, and Microsoft has also announced a few weeks ago of a joint Hewlett-Packard and Dell began selling Surface Pro to enterprise. Surface Book have not been mentioned are part of the agreement.

  So why did Microsoft do this? Despite Microsoft risks alienating its partners.

  Analysts believe that Microsoft now feel they must integrate hardware, software and services in order to compete with Apple. Risk which is why Microsoft insists on taking such a positive attitude into the notebook field. Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6 cases

Foreign Media: Surface Book is the PC manufacturer's nightmare

  PC makers no way out?

  In the field of notebook, PC manufacturers in Windows has no way to go on this path, what about Chrome OS? Almost all of these manufacturers have produced Chromebook and achieved a degree of success, but it’s still no substitute for a more comprehensive PC. What about Linux? After so many years of development, progress, but emphasis on Linux software developers is also very low.

  The only option is a new operating system, which is not a new thing in the mobile space. When Google acquired the ill-fated Motorola, producing its own smart phone, Samsung launch Tizen system, prompting Google Motorola shot to the Association.

  OEM manufacturers are also exploring more possibilities in the field, such as wearable devices. Dell is doing things other than the PC business, and IT services and security. It also helps explain Dell’s optimistic attitude towards the Surface Book. In an e-mailed statement, Dell spokesman said, “we have cooperation in many areas, there is competition in some areas. This is the modern way of doing business. Windows 10 is good for our customers, Microsoft and our own. ”

  But those businesses were not so diverse enterprises may not be as calm as the Dell, even one day will leave Microsoft alone. This is an era of great change, the things Microsoft must do what it believes is right, this is competition, and innovation.

  For PC makers, best case scenario is to face the challenges of Surface Book, not to hide. Included in the next release so that all technological media and consumer products for you to yell out “shut up and take my money.”

  This sounds simple, but it is difficult, but not impossible. After all, not every consumer will purchase a $ 1500, laptop, no matter how powerful, how nice it looks. Now when it comes to these OEM manufacturer of the action.

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