Abandoned route moving miner behind Thunder thinking

The afternoon of the 23rd, the Thunderbolt has released a hardware – took most people by surprise, this intelligent routing hardware is not development for over a year, but one can dig “making money”.

Money card Lei Feng online described earlier, this is a Palm sized square, through the sharing of bandwidth smaller computers capable of digging cash. Last month on Taobao online audience to raise its minimum price is 79.

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Once known as a high-energy download Thunder routes and clear crystals in the end where you? Thunderbolt Yang Xiaohu, Director of product tell us that route last September had probably stopped.

Abandoned route moving miner behind Thunder thinking?

Thunder products Director Yang Xiaohu

In fact, make money in 23rd, Bao’s release, Thunder official mentioned the concept of Crystal, while routing money and treasure are crystal item in the plan, there is also a PC-side program is called Crystal mines. From now look back at the Crystal program, the core of the plan is to allow users to share bandwidth mining crystals.

Crystal plan was first launched in January 14, and in February they began the development of the Thunder route, Crystal mine April PC Apex online, after September’s research and development money treasure. For a considerable amount of time, although the official did not advertise what, but the PC side of the Crystal mines are very active users of a project (and hardware projects into the hands of users, not so fast), Thunder official Crystal mines at that time decided to adopt are invited inside, the online qualification being fired to 50-100 Yuan in Taobao.

Routes, like the left hand beats right

Not to do the routing, this is a lot to get involved in this area last year, the size of the team to buy into the fact that lesson. Externally, the Thunderbolt routing on advertising also experienced a “downloads” to “Crystal mining” twist.

Abandoned route moving miner behind Thunder thinking?

Yang Xiaohu told Lei Feng network, the first position changes are changes from the download trend. Downloaded from the Internet is getting more and more traffic and demand a small minority, to download a user’s absolute number is not much. This is why they shift their focus to mining.

In the Crystal on the route, the problem they encountered was: Routing and mining functions while doing such a split. Traditional routing chip program using the MIPS architecture with poor performance, heat 65-nanometer process, and as an outstanding mining scenarios that require high-performance drive-putting both together or dig too poor performance or heat cause the routing function of stable enough. And, mining routes also take into account the price, the team has struggled for some time in doing so. Said Yang Xiaohu, ideal 4-core 1.5GHz the routing cost thousands of Yuan.

June 14, after the compromise, the team trial-a small group of (thousands of units) route starts public beta. This route at $ 349, single nuclear programme, 1GHz more than clock speed. Although much cheaper than the ideal, the price is still too expensive compared to conventional routing. Yang Xiaohu says that user expectations are very high, but due to routing and feeder game and General feedback to the user is routed the stability is poor.

In these feedback sound, September team official Bao to transfer money in research and development.

What will Thunderbolt earned money treasure? Moschino iPhone 6 cases

Routes developed during ground testing software features to dig, the team developed a PC-side Crystal mines, can allow users to link directly with PC machine to dig. As the article originally mentioned, this software has maintained a high level of activity. Yang Xiaohu told us in their routing client orientation research, 80% is directed at mining.

Now they earn treasure alone with independent hardware developed, large advantage is the increased performance, and users no longer have to spend money to replace the existing route home. According to the official data, all the chips on the line late last month for the first 3 minutes, they sold out of 7500 money treasure. Bao is selling to make money is 79, says Yang Xiaohu, raised after the device reverts to 399.

Who will pay for money treasure mine machine excited and? Yang Xiaohu said they come into contact with the user, who typically have more bandwidth resources, home has a large bandwidth is unused, or is familiar with the bandwidth of professionals.

Xunlei client P2P sharing features, but Yang Xiaohu said money treasure to share bandwidth better (Note: Thunderbolt now make money with treasure is completely independent of the client), because: 1. Money hunt 24-hour shutdown; 2. They can manage content to upload and share, and do not like P2P client users and local files limit. And the problems they face is this: how to coordinate multiple users with different bandwidth capacity network of nodes, how to deal with a different operator network conditions, and so on. iPhone 6 Moschino

Abandoned route moving miner behind Thunder thinking?
Abandoned route moving miner behind Thunder thinking?

Yang Xiaohu said before their big mistake was to make a routing computer (PC architecture and functional), and later discovered the technology architecture and requirements of the two totally different. Now they want users to share bandwidth through lucrative treasure, Thunder through the deployment node to reduce bandwidth costs become a win-win choice.

Finally, Lei feng’s reporter raised a question, want to lay down the amount of money that the Thunder treasure? Yang Xiaohu does not give an accurate answer.

Lei Feng network trying to calculate. According to public reports, Thunder 14 bandwidth input fiscal year to $ 40.4 million (annual growth in 13.9%), or 240 million Yuan. Official presentation, the user 100M the theoretical maximum bandwidth of reciprocity is 1500 Yuan a month. Assuming Thunder half bandwidth by sharing money treasure to take, then the node need 80,000 money treasure. Suppose you average bandwidth is calculated in accordance with 10M (returns only 150 yuan a month at this time), that is, earn treasure the final number is likely to be in the millions or so.


Abandoned route moving miner behind Thunder thinking?
Abandoned route moving miner behind Thunder thinking?

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