In addition to Apple Samsung to provide BMW with OLED screen

  Wei Feng network January 19, Samsung and Apple have reached an agreement a few days ago, the former will provide flexible OLED screens for Apple. This news came out, people speculated that perhaps in the future iPhone will also use the flexible screen. hello kitty cases for iPhone 6

  In addition to Apple, Samsung and BMW reached a partnership now. Samsung Electronics announced recently that it would in Korea renchuanyongzongdao (Yeongjong Island) Center of BMW-driving (Driving Center) shows a transparent OLED display screen video wall.

  BMW driving Center opened in August 2014, its goal is to promote Germany manufacturer of brand new cars. Samsung video display wall at the BMW driving centres, it is made up of 55-inch transparent OED display, mainly to promote the BMW car.

  Samsung Electronics also said future plans to develop and publish a more commercial display products that use transparent OLED technology. Samsung video display Department director Kim Seok-ki said: “in addition to transparent OLED, we are also ready to develop innovative products and will offer different screens to meet future business needs. ”

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  By 2019, 19% commercial display will maintain an average annual growth rate, Samsung had 7 consecutive years to maintain its leading position in this field.

  In addition, Samsung Electronics also said that when they reach the driving Centre users to simulate driving a car, you can use this screen to find information on BMW. After a similar display installed in the car, will significantly improve the performance of the new car.

In addition to Apple, Samsung to provide BMW with OLED screen

  Earlier this month, Samsung transparent OLED display was posted on the CES in 2016, its light transmittance rate of 45% support 100% of the Adobe RGB color. Hello Kitty iphone 6

  Transparent OLED display panel LCDs with transparent panels have many advantages over, for example, wider color gamut, high light transmission rate and wider viewing angle. For reflection, Samsung says it has a better mirror than LCDs displays reflectivity and do not need the environment light.

  Samsung before, believes that by combining with Intel RealSense technology, transparent OLED display technology will have more use in the future. Samsung also said OLED technology company that provides better contrast and viewing angles, transparent screens can be used for signage purposes. For example, Intel’s 3D camera technology, as well as “automated storage-aware” mirror displays, Samsung is planning to develop “virtual fitting room.”

  For BMW in Samsung transparent OLED screens before as commercial display screens, Samsung last year once partners and renowned CHOW sang sang jewellery company, using Samsung’s advanced commercial transparent OLED panels to provide “virtual items” shopping experience. The OLED panels screens technology integrates Intel’s Real Sense technology, future when users standing in this “mirror” before “to” see “the dress upper body effect, enhancing the shopping experience.

  Now it seems that Samsung transparent OLED screen can be developed into a “virtual fitting room”, allowing the user to use high-tech mirror to see, jewelry, clothing or hats worn on the body, effects, there is a broader space for development, such as car manufacturers, used as a commercial display screens, advertising.

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