OPEC predicted gasoline vehicles in 2040 total 94

  If you think Chevy Bolt or Tesla Model 3 remote electric vehicles will lead to fuel the rise of automobile die, then you may be disappointed. According to the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) saying, even if by the year 2040, 94% cars worldwide still need fossil fuels to run.

  At OPEC’s annual world oil Outlook report, the organization expects electric vehicles by the year 2040 only 1% per cent of global car markets. While using the onboard gas engine hybrid market share to a 14%.

OPEC predicted gasoline vehicles in 2040, total 94%

  OPEC predicted: “If there are no major breakthroughs in technology, electric cars for the foreseeable future it is difficult to get the market share. “They also believe that hydrogen-powered and gas-powered models are also unable to make a significant impact on oil consumption, because their costs are too high, and the lack of a refueling infrastructure. For drivers, lack of fuel when they can’t find a place to add.

  However, OPEC also acknowledged that hybrid car sales will improve in the future, automotive products will also become more efficient. In other words, in the next 25 years, because China and India, the rapid development of emerging auto market, the automotive sector’s demand for oil will continue to grow.

  Of course, we do not completely believe OPEC’s forecast, because of the growth in oil consumption is good for OPEC and, therefore, they are not optimistic about the performance of electric vehicles in the future is understandable. Additional media Mashable is considered, outside of this forecast report in addition to the obvious bias, its look is very short. Because the role of electric vehicles in modern transportation was much more important than we thought. Hermes iPhone 5 Case

  According to a report from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Mali·nikeersi is the head of plan to introduce a new provision, by the year 2030, all vehicles sold in California must implement zero exhaust gas emissions. Although this sounds like a dream, but the automaker is not there is no way to make it a reality.

  If the purposes of this provision, and global car makers have had to make large adjustments. If they want to reconsider California’s product structure, it must be on the United States, the world’s second-largest auto market make a corresponding adjustment. This means that, if it is only allowed to sell electric cars in California, then in most parts of the world would come to this.

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  In addition, this forecast in the report referring to breakthroughs in battery technology, obviously, this organization was not on lithium-air battery or Super Tesla CEO ailong·masike battery plant to show enough attention. Hermes iPhone

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