12 Chinese zodiac paper cut picture dyeing paper cutting art of the 7 d rabbit

12 Chinese zodiac paper-cut picture dyeing paper-cutting art of the 7 d rabbit

Art the art of Chinese paper cutting is very old manual is the most popular folk art of the people. On new year’s or a variety of festive days, people put all kinds of auspiciousness, good-looking grilles cut pasted on the glass, walls, facades … … The festive atmosphere will instantly be rendered more festive. Paper-cut picture features mainly in the decoration and meaning and context, paper cuts naturally to the true nature of pure art, using static flatten three dimensional, four-dimensional or multi-dimensional space, makes folk paper-cutting without regard to size, no matter the perspective, provided with a wealth of experience, feel arbitrary choices, the three dimensional world into two-dimensional space of simple art. Encyclopedia of folk paper cut designs of the

Diced small and manually share paper-cut designs picture book series, wish to share you article diced cut author. I. us. diced small customer service QQ:50810.

Fried Diced pork with users like me to share the pictures, welcome art-loving friends were studying with me, here are my contacts, forwarding you want to keep. Contact QQ:.


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