Conductive ink add new to 3D printing

Above the Orange four-axle vehicle that looks like a toy, but very low face value of toys. But build it Voxel8 is not a toy company, but is a development of 3D printing materials startup, founded by Jennifer Lewis, a Professor of engineering at Harvard University. The company developed a new 3D printer printed conductive ink on plastic sheets. This means that people can use this equipment free to design circuit boards.

Conductive ink is one the company wanted to change the 3D printer materials. This conductive ink can be printed out at room temperature more than conducting a good circuit, can also be attached to the materials of any kind. Voxel8 developer for the conductive ink connecting traditional parts, such as computer chips and engine. Can also assemble some electronic components. And that orange four-axis aircraft was the use of the equipment, by aircraft on a sheet of plastic with a layer made of a layer of printed, occasionally stopping to add components, such as LED lights, and then let the device continue to print.

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Conductive ink add new to 3D printing

Voxel8, launched this printer’s vision is to find 3D printer with users new possibilities. Even the founders are not very clear how those technologies can be better absorbed by the 3D printing. At present, the Voxel8 plan is to sell this kind of conductive ink materials, as well as the corresponding Desktop 3D printer. Of course, this 3D printer is primarily designed for the open mode, rather than mass production. However, the company’s long-term goal is to create an industrial manufacturing equipment, can create a large number of products in a short time. In addition, the company will also continue to look for 3D printing materials, does not rule out its own development.

Conductive ink add new to 3D printing

Founder Lewis consider a problem: How do I get printed materials is the flow of liquids under pressure, and when the pressure disappears, immediately freezing into a solid. This requires particle pressure gone, can spontaneously form a fixed material “network”. And these particles can be formed from a variety of materials, such as epoxy resin, ceramic, electrical resistance materials. Co-founder and boss Michael Bell said the hardware sector, various materials combine print than single material interesting.


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