Construction site will become the battlefield of tomorrow s edge

Construction site will become the battlefield of tomorrow's edge

Ekso Bionics exoskeleton manufacturer Russ Angold, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of discovery, as when he told others about their own industry, he can determine their age from the feedback. Kids talk about the most is Tom Cruise cool equipment on the edge of tomorrow; the golden generation (after 80/90) interested in iron man; and the lost generation (people born in the late 1960 of the 20th century to the 70) is loyal to the classics: Sigourney Weaver in aliens. No mention of the Galaxy team! Michael Kors Galaxy S4 Case

But creating an enhanced power of additional equipment is not an easy thing, no one would know better than Ekso. Angold since childhood has set himself lofty ideals: his brother was determined to be a seal, so he decided to become an engineer, his brother developing cool equipment. “Clear all user requirements of bone, it’s not too bad! ”

Ekso initially tried to design similar to iron man’s suit for the army, subsequently developed can help after a stroke or to someone who is learning to walk after the accident of auxiliary equipment, which will expand into the field of physiotherapy. Ekso’s number of users has exceeded 4000. Ekso now trying to get into the new construction market. Bone engineering is a non-powered framework designed to make people lift weights without the feeling of weight-bearing power tools.

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For traditional exoskeleton, and key technology is the driving force. Just like in the first iron man film promoting the development of story “arc reactor”, a very small in size, but huge energy supply. In reality no such magical technology, which limits the development of exoskeleton equipped, especially for the armed forces. Ekso research data show that a standing person consumes about 10 Watts of power, and work up to 1000 watts of power. To the calculation of output power, no battery can support a set of equipment in working condition throughout the day.

Construction site will become the battlefield of tomorrow's edge

However, industrial exoskeleton does not need to be considered. Because they are power-driven, relying on hammer and standard for image stabilizer arm spring. Ingenious is that user’s carbon fiber legs and metal frame, they import the weight on the front of the arm through the exoskeleton ground.

Results were not satisfactory. When you put equipment on time, it feels like the people are in a State of weightlessness, until slowly. Along with the swing of the hammer, take you around.

In addition, this situation may also occur. Equipment to be able to bear the weight of the tool, but the wearer will still feel the effects of inertia. Tool weight just by equipping rubber material of the pedal for easy sharing, great weight remains a staggering. Travel is difficult, but through simple exercises, can adjust the pace almost immediately.

As the exoskeleton as propaganda, the results were pretty good. Now the only problem lies in marketing and public acceptance. Ekso target group is a construction company, may be more conservative than the army. Meanwhile, Ekso not talked about equipment prices, but says its more focused on the practical value of the bones.

Meanwhile, Ekso final marketing plan sales with arms and equipment applicable to special tools. After wearing exoskeleton, could also use some custom tools, even joined on battery power. Maybe one day, we really could fight like in the edge of tomorrow. Michael Kors Galaxy S4 Case

Then spots a small trailer.

Lei Feng network Lockheed Martin was introduced to United States Navy sold without power, alternative arm exoskeleton equipment this equipment named Fortis. Fortis and Ekso exoskeleton project like, Ekso media sales and Marketing Director of Heidi Darling, “said LM Fortis is Ekso Bionics technology, it is mainly used for Navy ship repairs. ”

But Lockheed Martin’s Media Manager John Kent said: “I can tell you that Lockheed Martin has not purchased from Ekso Bionics any exoskeleton equipped. Fortis is in Robrady Design developed with the help of Lockheed Martin. “Which is located in a design and Development Studio down in Florida, according to the company’s Web site describes, it engaged in related business of Fortis.

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Construction site will become the battlefield of tomorrow's edge

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