The researchers said the rich can live forever after 200 years poor people

The researchers said: the rich can live forever after 200 years, poor people ... ...

Death is a terrible thing, in order to be able to live forever, when I was young I did not eat this stuff.

The researchers said: the rich can live forever after 200 years, poor people ... ...

Grown up to face, death is something that everyone has to face things, whether you are rich or poor. Today, however, a message of deep blow to my poor heart. A scholar claimed that, over the next 200 years, the rich are likely true immortality.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Yuval Noah Harari, a history professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem suggested that rich people are trying to turn himself into a cyborg. If successful, this will be an important revolution in the history of biology.

Harari said, human desires are endless, any existing thing does not satisfy people treat their own conditions and treat the iPhone, once on their grievances, it will try to upgrade. And he believes that in the next 200 years or so, humans will upgrade to their demise is not there.

In the future, people will through biological control or genetic engineering, high-tech himself into half organic, half inorganic cyborg, the cyborg will be omniscient, or even take control of your life.

Has been around 4 billion years of biological history, birth of a species would die out seems to be immutable fact. Human civilization emerge in spirits and ghosts, and an expression of hope that life will have infinite continued, and one or two centuries, the rapid development of science and technology, people’s dependence on God could also weaken, a recent study showed that, young people of the 21st century, 66% had no religious beliefs. If cyborg really test success, religion, money, and human rights, all human attributes such as emotional jeopardy.

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 Harari said, according to the speed of today’s science and technology development, death is merely a technical problem to be solved.

However, he also said, this cyborg technology cost is expensive, only the rich can afford, life not death, President of the rich, the poor will come to an end, it will also further widen the gap. It is hard to imagine in the future, elegant gentleman a speech is just a bunch of sheet metal and circuit of the people. Michael Kors iPad Case

Speaking of which, I have a deep sorrow, human beings have immortal technique, but I did not have longevity money … … But then I thought about it, even if the egg does it make money? It really can wait 200 years? Make me cry … …

via cnet

The researchers said: the rich can live forever after 200 years, poor people ... ...

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