Bo the BroadLink WiFi smart remote control remote control socket

Internet of things is a trend–be far behind? In fact, right now, you can use the super friendly prices and start this new experience ~ from UFI BroadLink, with WiFi smart remote control and the remote control socket, you will be able to mobile wireless, remote control of home electrical appliances! carbon fiber products

1, WiFi smart remote control

Simply put, this is to let the intelligent infrared remote control and the remote control itself, you can use WiFi, controlled via smart phones, so we can be far away in the Office, took out a mobile phone will be able to operate the smart remote control, thus almost all kinds of home appliances by remote control!

So, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to replace common household appliances, can be an existing unit of intelligent appliances, is as simple as that ~ another advantage is that you do not need to find a remote control–look, a home filled with how many remote controls do? Air conditioning, set-top boxes, TVs, HD player … … A mess, who can remember which is which, Ah ~ this WiFi smart remote control, you can control all electrical appliances with his mobile phone, and other remote controls can be locked in a drawer ~

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“Product information”

Property: original authentic

Name: Wi-Fi smart remote control

Brand: UFI BroadLink

Origin: China

Apply: Apple and Android smart device, such as mobile phones, tablet computers

Package: includes remote control * 1 * 1, warranty card, quick installation guide *1. Packed with color tray

2, WiFi smart remote control socket

With this socket is connected via Wi-Fi, your Smartphone anytime, anywhere control switch, even if you are on the other side of the planet ~ possible scenarios include:

1, electric water heaters in the Broadlink smart outlets, door when switched off, use mobile phones to remotely open the outlet of the power supply before you go home, home will be able to use hot water! If you go out to remember the forgotten after turn off the power to the water heater, it would have been simpler, took out his mobile phone, anytime, want to shut up! Energy-saving, it’s as simple as that. More intelligent is that sockets can also set up a scheduled task, from Monday to Sunday, some open, some closed.

2, winter to watch TV bed, wanted to shut down before going to sleep, but left the TV standby remote control only and not power off – if you have access to the Broadlink smart outlets, it would have been simple, use mobile phones to turn it off!

3, a single person go home at night, dark, scary isn’t it lonely? Smart table lamp socket connections, power on before I got home, opened the door and immediately felt the warm family atmosphere ~

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