Fujitsu virtual touch technology turned the newspaper into a touch screen

Many Hollywood of science fiction movie, including big Liu of novel three body, are had trouble to for we show had some Pan digital of future world scene, like, you in restaurant points meal, no waiter sister for you sent Shang paper quality menu has, you directly in table Shang knock knock finger on can activated a window, displayed a copies digital menu out, then you of finger on can directly in above operation this copies menu.

Is science fiction? Actually not that science fiction, Fujitsu (Fujitsu) said, probably by 2014 we will be able to use the technology–for ease of description, loves surprising the technology temporarily named “virtual touch”:

The previous video, allowing us to feel intuitive. On like problem figure in the show of that scene, you will newspaper put in table Shang, finger out on can activated virtual touch control–you will found you of fingertips will in newspaper Shang projection out a light points, finger press Xia, you will can like operation intelligent phone as select, and drag put and edit this Zhang newspaper Shang of content, and all you operation had of content, are will synchronization storage to cloud alternate, you at any time can again from around of function district in the put they adjustable out. Moschino mirror case Moschino mirror iPhone 6 case

And all of this does not require sophisticated equipment. According to Fujitsu’s claims, only a camera and a projector, the rest of the things, specifically image processing technology is good. Video shows some extension of interactive applications, for example, if you put it on the table is a map, then you only need to choose your destination, local information can pop up for you to click on, and instantly access all the relevant information you need. Of course, for now, the processing power of the system is limited, seems to be only on a specific platform (such as a table), and specific media (such as newspapers, such as the map, such as sticky notes) to play a role. If on any platform can evolve into a room, my fingers are able to activate the touch do an action window, it is sharp.

So, looking forward to 2014.

▲ Finger dragging on the paper, draw a rectangular selection box

• Map, we can pass around button to invoke the enhanced features.

• For example, click on the destinations can pop up related information.

• Put 4 sticky, moments to scan its contents archived, and removed after the post, to edit its contents.

• From this picture, seem to support multi-touch?

▲ Demonstration system, a computer, a camera and a projector.




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