Samuel L. Jackson is the only music star not in Marvel’s ‘Civil War’ and he’s kind of bummed with regards to it

The moment Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury walked out of the dark areas after the end credits of Diet Man, the Marvel Cinematic Univers was created. So why is the glue well behind the Avengers and most of the Sight movies’ not showing up in the most of superhero-studded movie of the century, Chief America: Civil War?

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Not even Samuel L. Jackson knows. He explained to Collider (via Hollywood Reporter):

“I’m not in ‘Captain America couple of. ’ I can’t figure which will out, but I’m not. My partner and i I’m still out there, trying to figure out so what happened to S. H. I. Pois. L. D. and who the other people are. ”

That seems cozy, considering Fury is so strongly akin to the Avengers and even seems to be supporting their base at the end of Avengers: Involving Ultron. So in a movie this is basically being billed as “Avengers 2 . 5, ” it will not make much sense not to buy Jackson in the movie, for at least a quite short appearance.

And yes, the movie definitely seems to be overcrowded enough as it is, with most of characters other than Captain America because Iron Man case likely to have small screentime, but it seems like it would be increasingly to explain away Nick Fury’s awol when he plays such a pivotal job in running the new Avengers collection (who are all confirmed for Honnête War, by the way).

It may be an agreement issue, as Jackson only contains two Marvel movies left within the contract, and Marvel may be restoring him for the big Infinity Wars two-parter. However , Jackson told Collider which will he’s “looking to re-up” his legally binding contract, and maybe squeeze in a few more movie theatre in there.

But until whenever we help you again, Nick Fury, you will be not so great.

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