Discovery Channel the new VR movies let you experience and shark cage diving

When combining technology and entertainment, it will have a lot of amazing things, these things can help people to feel something you have never experienced, experience the environment had never been seen. Virtual reality is such a technology. Incipio iPhone 6 Case

Lei feng’s Web on August 28, the Discovery Discovery Channel launched a new virtual reality project, put people on the spot to observe their environment had never been explored.

Early in zhiqian, exploration channel on wants to making a document let audience are can understand “outside of world” of program, like like has rumors end who and reality show • survival who as, this year May, Discovery digital network channel to attract young on its content of concern, announced started a new project: exploration unreal channel, shooting some VR content for everyone watch, which on has VR version of rumors end who.

Recently, the first VR video Discovery Channel has already been published, including “diving with sharks”, “survival skills and learn to surf” outdoor adventures, such as content, immersive experience users can never experience the natural environment.

The Discovery Channel officials said, virtual reality can bring intense sensory experiences, have missed the opportunity to explore the world of people experience new worlds.

At present, the VR project has been in the iPhone or Android device to download the application to view the video, it can support Google Cardboard and Gear VR,Oculus version of Samsung’s application will be launched in the near future.

(Download: iOS, Android version. )

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Oculus Rift in virtual reality

Might as well try to pleasantly lazy on the sofa in your House hold, through the heart in his hand and cool flying hearts drinks, wearing virtual reality glasses, tried in a classic virtual tour. No longer have to save money by booking hotels to worry about, will not have Jet lag problem, of course, you don’t have to go to in line to buy train tickets, air tickets in advance.

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