Most hard and soft “bracelet” inWatch π Smart Watch reviews

Last month with Meizu MX4 inWatch π Smart Watch, really pioneered many firsts: first round dial design and traditional watches shape the first battery life 6 months of similar products and estimates is the first smart watches bounced because of software problems.

After 13 days of waiting, then watch widespread client “inHealth” was launched, we were for the first time to download and test. Now let us look at the experience of this watch.


Sapphire screen printing surfaces, medical grade 316 stainless steel dial, diameter 35mm, thickness 7.7mm, provide gold, silver and black color;

Men’s strap length 115+75mm, width 16mm; female length 105+65mm, width 14mm (excluding CLASP);

Built-in 12 LED light, vibrations, Bluetooth 4.0, waterproof 30 m;

2032 button battery, officials said 4-6 months standby;

Application must cooperate with official inHealth, compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

Packaging and accessories

• Packaging not watch the cube packing instead of “chopsticks” Strip packaging.

• Packaging at the top reads “connect to Meizu” message.

• The back of the box is the QR code to download client, adapter issues with this app is the official bounce reasons.

• Pull out the outer layer of the white “edging”, which is the imitation leather watch box.

▲ Watch is simple to somewhat rough around the plastic tray, and the watch itself smaller than expected. Watch box outside of warranty, instructions, second floor, is the most special screwdriver and two button cell batteries.

▲ Engineer deliberately placed them into expressions (⊙ _ ⊙)

▲ Button batteries model Panasonic CR2032, according to official data, the capacity is 210mAh. Actually I was doubt that the amount of capacity, can really achieve the advertised 4-6 months battery life?

• Comes with a screwdriver size is very small, and very sharp at the top, and use it safely.

• Family. Save without having to charge the charger and data cable.

Table body

▲ And Moto 360 very alike at first glance. Of course, after the circular dial with a thin border, I’m afraid all the same style …

• Contrast Moto 360 wide strap, strap inWatch Pi is thin many.

▲ Dial glass in side the reflective effect of the light will be fine, but it’s really very easy for fingerprints.

• Fit dial glass and stainless steel border is very close and dial glass slightly higher than the border.

• Dial 12 calibration below are 12 LED lights, right in the middle is the brand logo.

• Display time is lit. After the call, show hours the lights stay lit, displays the minutes flashes. Because only 12 lamps, so accuracy can only go to 5 minutes.

• Central 3C certification sticker on the back, and π is the watch logo at the top, surrounded by 4 screws.

▲ Back watch common concentric circle drawing, screw size, smaller than a eyeglasses frame screws a bit.

▲ Dial works excellent compared with the force. Official nominal width 3.5 mm dial, but the feeling is a bit smaller (reference figure on index finger size).

• Side with brushed metal, fit fairly flat and cover tightly.

• Strap junction with chamfer grinding traces are not full width access dial and strap.

• Side has a similar iPhone 5s polished corner of the border.

• Strap buckle with drawing lines.

▲ Compared heart of metal parts, belt part is not so good. Strap no suture junction, but unified by glue.

• Belt on the other side of the hole, you can see the color of the interior materials.

• From the position of strap angle, it can be concluded that this should be the imitation leather material, dial’s work failed to live up to, which I hope the Administration can improve the strap in the official version of works or other material strap.

Effect of wear

• Belt hardware and relatively moderate, plus the tables are not too heavy, but it is quite comfortable to wear. With styling and really watch close, harmonious effect.

▲ Watches will have a beautiful reflective light side effects.

• Dial LED lamp brightness good, even under large reflective can see the time displayed.

▲ Normal perspective shape as above. Dial at taishou show and double-click display, taishou show are brought very sensitive, normal rock but also awaken dial.


▲ Official screwdrivers and battery, loosen the screws to open the back cover open back cover. White plastic around the battery, and only plays a fixed battery role. From the inside, the dial itself can be further reduced.

▲ Remove the battery, left corner are two rows of contacts of unknown function, top covered with insulating tape, black sticker on the bottom right corner should be a circuit under chip.

Despicable Me Minion Iron Man iPhone 5/5S Case

▲ Back surrounded by a circle of waterproof rubber mats, soft foam pad in the Middle, outside of buffer, it also was used to separate the electrode and metal back cover.

Working principle

InWatch π with built-in LED lights, motion sensors (accelerometers) and vibrators do all the work.

12 LED lights for the hour hand always displays time, minute flashing, in order to conserve power, need to wake up to the time display.

Motion sensor that has displacement and attitude in the background recording, by algorithms to identify the user is walking or running, is a light sleep or deep sleep. While its is also used to determine whether the user put up her hand (think time), to control the time display lights are lit.

Vibrators, you will receive the phone after the end of the control information (when incoming SMS or alarm clock), to remind the user.


InWatch π is the core of the smart bracelet to the traditional SEIKO, which itself can do interactive work only vibration and lights, in addition to time, all the features are done through the app.

The watch bounce the app, can be said to be doing the most exquisite in the smart watch/bracelet.

Opens the application need to be registered for the first time, support for mobile phones, Facebook, QQ three landing mode.

Application will automatically request to turn on Bluetooth, people watch and connect automatically. After a successful connection, watch will vibrate to remind.

Followed by conventional sex, height, weight, age of data entry.

The main interface (stamp picture top right corner you can see GIF image)

Application home page will show the day “diet, exercise, sleep,” three major tasks completed, operation records and health recommendations will be displayed and the user timeline.

Task detail interfaces (stamp picture top right corner you can see GIF image)

Click on the “diet, exercise, sleep,” any one can jump to the details page, the page can be switched by sliding around, and through the head pulley switch date.


InWatch π and the app’s features include: time, SMS/phone/alarm clock reminder, as well as healthy step counter, sleep monitoring, dietary management. Watch without interactive functionality, data acquisition and synchronization by default is the background.

By turning the wrist evokes Watch showing hours of light stay lit, displays the minutes flashes. Because only 12 lamps, so accuracy can only go to 5 minutes.

Watches by vibration and flashing lights in the form of text messages and phone calls reminding, the user can select a reminder (single vibration, or flashing lights, or vibration + Flash).

Its alarm clock reminder has been integrated within the monitoring function of sleep. Set sleep and wake up time, the app will start the sleep mode and wake me up at wake up time in the form of vibrations of users.

Health features include “diet, exercise, sleep,” three and application based on data entered by the user, automatically generate “light, medium and heavy” three-tier health plans, each plan has a different exercise, diet, and sleep requirement.

Diet management features require users to record their own food to eat, to calculate the amount of nutrient intake, can calculate the precise intake of fat, protein and other nutrients.

Morning afternoon evening meals have different package types, but the user can only select a dozen food type and weight, accuracy is not high, and requires users to consciously keep track, feel meaningless.

Sport function step counter will record the number of steps at different points, and walking distance calculated according to the user’s height. Watch will identify the types of users, automatic marking such as walking, running, and the timeline displays each application period, the more praise.

It is worth mentioning that, watch offline data record 7-day sport, even forget and mobile synchronization over time is not a problem. Pictured above is not up, and watch your recorded exercise data.

Sleep in timeline format records, record the user to sleep at different points, and depth and length of light sleep, to help users understand their sleep quality. Assuming, of course, are going to bed with a watch.


InWatch PI function is time, reminder, monitoring of Ji Bu, diet, and sleep 5. Ironman iPhone case

As a smart watch, the first to study nature is time display. InWatch π bracelet display of products to do better, but still and regular watches also have some gaps.

Watch range level of evokes mainly rotation and motion (acceleration) is used as a basis. Measured characteristics are, watch reaction to the rotation, rather than sensitive to acceleration, but only after a static displays the time.

The training algorithm to make watches in daily use, raised almost certainly can show, but don’t waste electricity walking white wake.

But the biggest problem is the flashing pointer design, waiting 1 second after the clock display will see the minute hand, led directly to the time the action took 2-3 seconds, unable to “glance” look at the time. In addition, the accuracy of 5 minutes is a small problem.

Reminder function, currently only support calls, SMS and alarm clock, which is mainly used for leak-proof, used his cell phone users in the bag more practical.

Alarm clock vibrate to remind the most presence in the writer’s opinion, at least get up without being “gross” Bell to wake, but the problem is going to bed wearing a watch, this will be a problem for many users, and may take into account the range of watches vibrate weak, Thunder does not wake up to sleep in for users, will have some practical problems.

Step counter function because it is automatic, so natural to use well, and also according to the calculated for different time periods of exercise, designed to be like this.

But because of the design, we cannot directly compare the machines step counter accuracy of Glen Johnson. But rather, it more accurately record the number of steps every time I go to the bathroom, is between 122-125 (a bathroom needs 121-step back and forth manually).

Relying on stage move records set, users can even use it as a diary, record their status for each time period.

Sleep monitoring only through and tested with other bracelets to wear to sleep because today launched the app, so no data, this post will catch up on. But probably few people would watch with sleep … …

As a recently launched app, which itself also has some small problems, such as registration, height will not be able to modify the diet after data entry cannot be deleted or modified, the base hand frequently, less convenient; no data entry view 7 days ago. Ironman iPhone 5 case

In addition, the alarm clock function is not perfect right now, there is no separate settings, to change the sleep time in the sleep to work. In addition to manual sync failure, small digital error bug.


In accordance with the general definition of smart watches, it and users can interact directly, or even to display text messages or reminders. If such a calculation, inWatch π is a “watch heart shape bracelet” device, is a bracelet that can display time, or join the regular watch bracelet features.

According to this algorithm, it is probably not a qualified smart watches, but defined boundaries can influence it is looking good, and functions in place of worn equipment. But if you see it as a bracelet, I’m afraid that it is using the best one on the market.

Mobile phone connections, the time display (bracelet), Ji Bu function on the utility and accessibility of, their experience is quite good. And the delicacy of its app, refresh the author’s understanding of health device client.

But its price/performance is a matter of opinion, and its official costs 399 Yuan, and purchased the MX4 is 199, is worth buying depends on our individual needs.


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