Samsung’s official YouTube channel released a video S3 more useful features

Push Android 4.1 update at the same time, Samsung also continued to add more useful features to S3. Samsung’s own YouTube channel today added a new demo video, Galaxy S3 blessed friends! Set the function “Premium Suite Update” will enable S3 for more practical functions, multiple tasks with Note 2 window! Star powder are excited yet?

Small series of micro-innovations for mobile phone manufacturers have a very favourable attitude, especially for Android manufacturers are expecting their little innovation, don’t underestimate these innovations, in Android homogenization of serious cases, in addition to tailor hardware, small utility functions are hugely important, becomes an important distinction with other manufacturers. Samsung today on his official YouTube channel uploaded a new video, S3 introduced many new features, we look at the video to learn, Xiao bian’ll pick some interesting useful features about it.

The first part of Moschino Galaxy case

The second part of

First of all is called “Contextual Awareness” functionality. Hence the name too weird is according to automatically activate the function before and after, in order to reduce the steps for the user. For example, when you plug in headphones, can activate the music player to play the songs. This feature also includes information automatically added to shoot photos, allow you to quickly view a photo when I think of the places, people, weather and other information. When you use some of the features, these features need to be enabled other applications, mobile phones will be based on how often you use the APP, automatic APP you use most often are listed first. Moschino S5 case

• Support Note 2-like multitasking

Moschino Babybear Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

There are some enhanced features such as screen and multitasking, multitasking window now supports more APP. That’s right, just like Note 21! When you activate this feature you can see the left side of the screen on the left appears a little semicircle, and Note 2, when when you want to add a window, click on the APP you want it on the line.

Another Galaxy Note 10.1 in image processing functions to share ideas, landscaping pictures. Cameras also have been updated, S-Beam added the automatic on function, set after just one match can automatically use WiFi to transfer without touch with two mobile phones all the time. In low light without Flash can also take photos. Camera also functions similar to the voice prompts, automatic number using voice broadcast footage appears in the face, small does not go into details, detailed presentations please look at the video.

• Deep integration of social services

In addition to social networking enthusiasts, Samsung will also be integrated in the system, and now you don’t need to open the Facbook application frequently. Want to see a friend, can be realized directly on the lock screen. Small series for celestial friends, have to say this was equivalent to the waste, but is extremely convenient for foreign social networking enthusiasts a feature.

If for the iOS, An Zhuoji what innovations, one of the few manufacturers. Too many manufacturers just Google changed icons on the native system, change the Launcher, set changing into their UI interface. This is only for the skin, for real practical function to enhance the user experience and how much. South Korea’s Samsung is one of the few on the Android platform “micro” innovative vendors, and small series can also expect more manufacturers come up with practical features that provide greater convenience to consumers.


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