For Apple ROGUE MONDO REZ tour

ROUGE come from United States peripherals brands, for most people, this brand is very high, whether it’s price on brand awareness. But especially for Apple OS x users, the ROUGE was born to their brand, and application-driven design style, its own taste more Apple.

ROGUE products now only five, namely keyboard, mouse, headset, mouse pads and joysticks, while the normal to use in Windows, but more functions and drive are available only in OS x versions, in addition to the overall design and price, also for Apple’s high-end consumer groups, can be said to be a birth of Apple-specific peripherals manufacturers.

From looking at the packaging design, it can show ROGUE MONDO REZ locate more high-end, special air texture. Huge and the atmosphere in the packaging design, minimalist with a more significant performance advantages. Is the introduction of various selling points on the back, in which ROGUE MONDO REZ A9800 chip is used, maximum 8200DPI, onboard memory, and 32-bit ARM processor. (This reminds me of the introduction of the SteelSeries Sensi)

Almost no parts, only manual and warranty. Current ROGUE and was not associated with domestic agents, so warranty this is not it.

Wire, ROGUE MONDO REZ with high-end mouse commonly used prepared lines, and is equipped with a gold-plated screen and interface magnetic ring, as well as dust-proof. At least in this regard that the high-end tastes.

ROGUE MONDO REZ pretty simple and pretty familiar. For Apple users, quite familiar with ROGUE MONDO REZ, very feel the Magic Mouse, but longer, also deserves to be called United States manufacturers.

Three views of the ROGUE MONDO REZ. ROGUE MONDO REZ is a symmetrical design of the mouse, and no human mechanics designed and relatively low stature, makes it slightly to use fatigue. But ROGUE MONDO REZ is wide and long rear, grip positions for people who use the mouse, very comfortable. Music Angel

ROGUE MONDO REZ set a generous rear logo lights and have a variety of color choices, of course, want to adjust using drive.

ROGUE MONDO REZ car has set the two function keys can also be set through a drive. Multifunctional key design of the two more often, it is not comfortable to use, and also slightly awkward.

Top is about double bonds, respectively, wheel and DPI button. Need to be aware of is that ROGUE MONDO REZ is flat, with a long double bonds around, makes clicking feel soft. Music Angel mini speaker

Are four larger pads at the bottom. As can be seen from the back, ROGUE MONDO REZ bond than common around the mouse becomes wider and longer, is also a major cause clicking feel soft.

Actual use. As a United States manufacturer of ROGUE, ROGUE design MONDO REZ is the main United States consumer hand-shaped design for most Chinese consumers in Asia, like me to use. If your Magic Mouse, compared to ROGUE MONDO REZ will let you not adapted.

Has been referred to as ROGUE MONDO REZ above key design is more about wide and long, soft feel, and hand and if you like me, back then as finger-click position, click feel softer more reluctantly.

Music Angel Mini Speaker MD06D

ROGUE MONDO REZ on the design of Apple’s flat-style, and also designed mainly for United States consumer hand-shaped, for most Chinese consumers, using hand not moving in places. For OS x users, ROGUE MONDO REZ a perfect driver support, as well as design, ROGUE MONDO REZ is no doubt the best alternative to Magic Mouse.


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