How on earth did Adobe Flash dead?

Editor’s Note: flat and rain but it pours. Recently, the Flash has exposed a “nearly four years to the most beautiful Flash BUG” at the same time, a number of Internet companies have been continuously position will abandon Flash. Once in the PC era why the animation technology of yitong River will be phased out, abandoned, how exactly is this process all the way?

Flash not far from the end.

This made a contribution of interactive technology in the PC era, had to admit that in terms of performance and safety have been lagging, HTML5 Flash unit after the waves will inexorably be shot down to the shore.

Many Internet companies have abandoned Flash. The latest news is that Amazon famous game live streaming platform Twitch also joined in. Although the video that they still Flash playback, playback controls have been fully converted to the HTML5 player. Twitch in the official blog, said it was “an important step”, the successor will have more updates to HTML5.

This year, the Flash frequency safety loopholes. On July 15, the report said hackers can use this vulnerability to take over any computer, and installing malicious software. Despite Adobe trying to release patches to repair, but it still faces a security risk. Then, Google and Mozilla have expressed in their Chrome and Firefox browser disable Flash on. Hello Kitty Note 3 case

Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos said on Twitter: “Adobe is the time to announce the death of Flash, that day, the browser can also discard it. ”

In fact, Flash since 2007, embarked on the road of no return.

The glory of the PC era: Flash really changed the world

Hello Kitty Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Pink

AdobeFlash was born in the early 1990 ‘s, of course, it is not by that name. At that time, a company called Future Wave produced Smart Sketch graphics software, using a stylus rather than a keyboard to it operations.

Later, the Future Wave Smart Sketch redesign into a static Web page inserts on animation and video tools, called FutureS plash Animator, it is the predecessor of Flash.

During this period, Future Splash has gained rapid development, when it was acquired by Macromedia. In 2005, Adobe has spent $ 3.4 billion acquisition of Macromedia. At this point, Adobe Flash became a popular piece of software was pre-installed on almost every PC, YouTube and Netflix has launched a Flash-based streaming video service.

Being able to easily make animation, advertising companies consider Flash as a very important tool. For a considerable amount of time, Flash was considered to be on the Internet “eternal existence”.

Miss mobile, starting from the jobs posters

In 2007, Apple introduced the first iPhone,Adobe engineers are quickly accepted and used it. IPhone to the Adobe mobile development has brought the emergence of problems: an increasingly bloated Flash requires a lot of computing resources to run.

Nothing wrong with that on the PC side, and in the mobile phone, it takes a lot of power, but the phone’s battery is limited, so much so that Apple chooses not to support Flash.

Flash needs to develop in order to adapt to the iPhone, but not Adobe and Apple reach a final agreement.

The decision for Apple has attracted a lot of criticism, it is believed that Steve jobs does not support Flash response to Apple’s closed. To this end, jobs in 2010 published an open letter, saying that “iPad won’t support Flash”, and pointed out that the issue of Flash: power, vulnerability, more serious, not for Apple’s mobile system. Hello Kitty Note 3 cases

After Apple’s announcement, eco-turned video, YouTube and other Web sites based on open standards, free software, this technology both for desktops and for mobile. October 2014 to develop HTML5 becomes standard Flash alternatives are widely used, it runs make website without plugins video and animation.

Adobe also believes that Flash is too important for the company’s business. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said that, for now, only Adobe Flash a small part of the total revenue. However, still there are quite a few websites use Flash development.

Frequent security vulnerabilities this year, no doubt to a greater blow to the Flash, Gartner Research Vice President Danny Brian says, Flash of death is inevitable: “at least one or two years ago, the trend is very clear. ”

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