Most ostentatious Bling Bling style inWatch Her hand play

Speaking of smart watches, we always think of Apple and Android Watch Wear the kind strong enough in functionality, looks not like a traditional watch products. There looks like a traditional watch watch, inWatch Her is such a product.

InWatch Her design caters to the female market is a smart fashion watches, of course, function, it can be understood as a feature of a smart Bracelet Watch. From the package, or you can tell it’s style and watch/bracelet in general are not the same.

InWatch Her packaging box design, packaging the first layer you can see the watch, screw drivers and a CR2330 button batteries.

Second layer of packaging related instructions, warranty and certification. polka dot phone case

InWatch Her styling and the watches are very similar, but because the surface 79 Swarovski gem, coupled with mother of Pearl Dial based materials, inWatch on Her appearance is quite chic.

InWatch Her wearing effect.

Watch face has an origin of UV sensor, 12 respectively on a scale on the dial has a led light, and through them we can see watches of all kinds of work status, relative to the other with a separate screen for smart watches, in the interaction is less intuitive, but WINS in enough power, watch design is also more simple.

Button you click, detecting the UV index for the current environment, because filming is an indoor environment, so flashing green light (UV index 1~2, ultraviolet radiation is very weak).

Double-click the button twice, the watch will enter sleep mode, watch can record users ‘ sleep, watch “2 points” led lights started flashing blue lights.

Watch has a Crown, called “Fairy button” of the entity key.

In addition, below the Crown, there is also a metal tray attached to a similarly inlaid gem ornaments, but also replaceable.

White Polka Dot TPU iPhone 5 Case

Hanging behind the marked “S925”, was used on its behalf “925 Silver” products.

We received a “Platinum” color watch, silver, and white straps.

Strap with leather, watch the clip on the Swarovski small labels have a proof of identity.

The metal parts of the body using the plating process, screwdriver remove the rear cover can be attached.

After disassembly, we can replace the button battery. Can see that time parts of the watch is powered by a small button batteries, and the intelligent part of the watch is powered by a large button cell batteries.

InWatch inHealth plus Her a complete set of mobile applications, we have the experience. The application functionality is divided into three main pieces, namely, pedometers, polysomnography and UV monitoring. Home will be arranged in a timeline in the form of usage of the watch itself. polka dots iPhone 5 case

As with many smart watch/bracelet, inWatch Her athletic statistics, it can according to the sensor to monitor a user’s jogging, running and walking, and make the corresponding statistics.

As features inWatch Her also the UV monitoring-related data and statistics, for the women, this is a very useful feature, allowing users to better protect their skin.

Setup menu is very simple, there are some basic information of the account itself, connected device information, as well as users of health program development.

Smart Watch and general functional and technological appearance of different styles, inWatch sold Her is a more “face value” of the product, but its aim is clear, aiming for the women’s market.

From the exterior, it does have some appeal to a female audience the highlights, I contacted some women after friends saw this watch on its exterior design has a high rating, and shows that inWatch this watch in terms of market positioning are very accurate.

And in terms of functionality, although inWatch Her relatively weak in terms of interaction, supporting applications is relatively simple, but joined the UV sensor for female beauty also has a practical function. Through later firmware upgrade and perfection, believing that it will be further improved in terms of function.


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