Bigger faster stronger millet router experiences

The end of 2013, millet, officially launched the router, then launched the mini millet router, and a year later, Remy finally released the new millet with large capacity hard disk router, its hardware configuration and antenna as well as the hard drive size has a different degree of upgrading, how its experience? Check back with us:

New packaging continues millet millet router the usual tray design, a simple positive brand logo.

Packaging back you can see the product name is: Battle of 1TB millet router, we get is 699 Yuan 1TB, another 2999 6TB. Former shell is white, which black, functionally identical.

After unpacking the router quick setup steps, and as always, millet router using the method is very simple, as long as according to the instructions, the average user can easily be connected to the Internet.

Otterbox Defender iPhone 6 Case Purple/Blue

Take out the router, you can see the side and the antenna is surrounded by white protective film. Otterbox waterproof iPhone 6 case

Next is the router’s body, from the top new millet to the router and the router has little difference, but due to the heat sink, the reason for 3.5-inch hard drive, its thickness is much thicker.

Front has a status light.

Aluminum scrubs the surface at the top of the fuselage, bearing the brand logo of millet.

Left and right with two PCB antenna arrays can rotate.

Side ventilation holes, and fan inside of the fuselage to form cooling ducts, further reduce the temperature of the router.

A smart router, new millet router’s interface is quite rich, behind a USB interface to external reset stored external USB disk, camera equipment, also has 3 Gigabit LAN port 1 Gigabit WAN port. Yes, sure,

New millet has four gum pads at the bottom of the router, and fixing screws are hidden in the fuselage a few feet below.

New millet router accessory only one power adapter, and no, and first attached the network cable.

Output 12V power adapter 3.0A.

New millet router connections are convenient, connected to the power supply, connect the network cable to the Gigabit WAN ports, and through wireless and wired connections in two ways on our equipment.

After the connection is successful, we can see the router will automatically be initialized (using PC-side router management page of the following screenshot).

Initialization process will allow the user to make simple to set up.

Then for new millet millet router can be seen carrying the new admin MiWiFi 2.0 full version, the system in the UI and settings are used to be quite different. Management is divided into routing status, storage status, four large common settings and advanced settings. Router status, you can see the product name is “millet Router 2”, but the name did not appear in the official website. Also displays the current network speed, network status as well as Terminal traffic statistics and other information, the entire interface is very intuitive.

For the first generation of millet router through OTA upgrade can also support MiWiFi 2.0, so functionally, they are exactly the same.

Click the stored state, displays the local storage hard drives and USB external storage capacity, we got the 1TB version, the hard drive SATAIII interface, the file system is EXT4. Below shows the detailed storage statistics, read/write status of the file, and so on.

Common settings are common in the router settings, such as WiFi settings, Internet settings, LAN settings, and users who believe that using router settings here will not be a problem. Oterbox iPhone 6 case

Advanced settings there are intelligent speed limits for QoS, DHCP static IP allocation, DONS, and higher-order functions such as VPN, set suitable for users with high functional requirements.

Millet router new mobile features are also very powerful, you can bind different routers, connecting to the router’s view, management of files for different device.

Mobile Toolbox has many features, even including some rub-proof network, Internet connection optimization tool.

We can PC Web Administration pages or mobile phone access file permissions set, set full access here.

Routers in mobile, we can on the router hard drive and to view and manage the contents of the USB memory.

Mobile file manager can also view the contents of millet router hard drive also can view the storage space within the connected USB device.

For camera users, millet router with automatic import feature when we use USB to connect the camera and the router will automatically synchronize your camera photos, videos to the router, then we can through computers connected to the router, phones, millet on these different devices such as TV content for viewing.

Millet router makes it easy to view photos and a video camera. Although this feature is very convenient, but because of the speed limit of the USB interface, use relatively slow to react, if users who need large amounts of data also are reading directly from camera memory cards.

Millet router can download the rich resources of film, entertainment, TV shows, movies, variety shows etc are more abundant.

Select the appropriate resource, we can remotely download, automatic transmission also allows downloads of video and mobile phone connected to the router, use the phone immediately after the completion of offline play.

Following this experience, we can see that new millet router in user experience really is a lot of work, generally there will not be too difficult for users. On the extensions, it also has a wealth of additional, higher-order functions. From this generation of routers on the improvement, millet can be seen more focus on mobile phones, routers and smart TVs, cameras, other devices, such as Internet and data transmission, and millet can be seen on the entire ecological chain of ambition. For such a powerful smart router, 1TB price 699 price outstanding, and if the local user data storage requirements are very demanding, you can also directly start 2999 6TB.


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