Barney Frank Calls Out Rand Paul’s Double Standard On Civil Protections Following Patriot Act…

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky. ), their vocal critic of the Patriot Subrogate what he says is its “unconstitutional” invasion of citizens’ privacy, experienced been criticized Monday by former Sales rep. Barney Frank for ignoring the few civil liberties.

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“I think Flügel Paul sincerely believes what he admits that, ” Frank, the former Massachusetts Liberal, told HuffPost Live’s Alyona Minkovski. “On the other hand, my to certainly marry my husband is not one of the courtois liberties that Sen. Paul experienced been prepared to recognize, so I’m instead of ready to grant him the total the queen’s. “

Frank said he does not have to expect Paul’s staunch opposition toward Patriot Act and the USA Liberty Act reform effort, which should curb the National Security Agency’s bulk data collection powers, to acquire fruitful.

“What will now happen may be Paul will be swept aside, in Frank said. “Paul does not need to see the USA Freedom Bill … that could be now going to get adopted much more Paul’s objection. “

Frank said that Paul’s criticism of the Patriot Act did “raise the issue” and influence the overall debate.

“Rand Paul intelligently decided that our views on this are so far out of most what’s achievable on this that our job is just to wave the main flag, and that’s a useful role to, ” Frank said.

Watch the actual entire HuffPost Live conversation with Barney Frank here.

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