Qualified successors to MSI GT72 ruler measure

MSI rulers a generation ago was a very good game, but at the time of the baptism, every aspect has been somewhat out of date, and hence the MSI as the new ruler of GT72 came a redesign from head to toe, and joined the latest NVIDIA graphics chip, then GT72 the British rulers of this name?


In macro terms, the new ruler and its predecessor, there is not much different: it still has a 17-inch screen, wide, heavy body and huge battery to assure the game range, but after the redesign, GT72 look, at least not so outdated. Solid matte black aluminum panel only a few decorations, a surface extends to the edge of the top of the screen, similar to the Coupe hood design with colorful LED keyboard light, but thankfully, GT72 does not fall into the “light” route, with its own unique style.

Although 17 inches of notebook computer has no any portable sex can statements has, but GT72 of volume also is than himself of predecessor to more small more thin, over 4 kg of weight except sank this word also no what good described of, but at least GT72 is good to using has huge fuselage by provides of full internal space: left four a USB 3.0 interface, and four a audio related interface and SD card reader; right is also has two a USB interface and retained has drive; rear is is General of power interface, and Ethernet interface, HDMI output connector and two display output interfaces-in case the user wants to make it a triple screen vs.

GT72 console was more simple than before, 5 buttons to the left of the keyboard sounds not much but enough to control the machine, including the power button, set display/solo switch, game flow, enhance heat dissipation mode switch and keypad light switch.

Keyboard and touch pad:

When it comes to keyboard, personal backlit keyboard of MSI retained SteelSeries is point 32-Zambia, because this keyboard feels pretty good, hidden under an independent key caps key travel is not long but soft keys, in addition, SteelSeries Engine software also lets users set macro for each button, let the 100% programmable keyboards into typewriters, This software can also edit the backlit keyboard even statistics within a certain period of time in which key to press more, although this features nothing for use in many people’s eyes, but better than nothing.

From technology level for, GT72 of touch Board also no any problem, area enough big, surface enough smooth, recognition enough accurate enough sensitive, physical press by with of feel also let people satisfaction, but this block touch Board of and Palm supporting and no what height poor, light by feels is no approach accurate to found border of, in using among occasionally finger draw has border are not knows. lenovo solar charger

Screen and audio:

To said this Queen game this has what is must has words, that should is a greatly of, quality high of screen has, GT72 natural not exception, this block LCD screen has excellent of resolution and vivid of color performance, took to play game or see Blu-ray are is enjoy, hard to nit words, this block screen in extreme angle Xia compared degrees will substantially declined, but who nothing with that angle see screen Ah.

GT72 audio system is excellent, and Dynaudio’s speaker is loud and clear, this is almost the best notebook speakers, coupled with Sound Blaster Software Cinema the sound in real time optimization, do not need to set Equalizer automatically adjusts.

Performance and battery life:

This testing machine configuration for i7-4710HQ+8GB graphics GTX980M+16GB memory, sells for $ 2400, plus $ 250, MSI will also provide you with additional 8GB of RAM and dual 128GB the SSD RAID0 (that is to say a total of 265GB), plus $ 350, SSD capacities double again, RAM is 32GB (at this time, amounting to $ 3000). laptop solar charger

Actual game experience aspects, will field 4 of quality set for Supreme, closed vertical synchronization, frame speed can stable in 100FPS above, mission call: high war in opened “additional” of twice times Super sampling zhihou frame speed also can stable in 81FPS, as Thai Tan fall among will picture quality opened to Supreme, also has stable of 44FPS, slightly adjustment Xia anti-sawtooth set on can easily over 60FPS, wizards 2 opened Supreme material option zhihou frame speed has 38fps, Closed frame rate jumps out onto the 90fps, sole frame rate is not the ideal Roman’s son, under the default effects although there are 57FPS, but after the opening Super sampling, under the frame rate occasionally fell into the 20FPS.

This grade of hardware in full speed running of when often can put computer into radiator, but GT72 in for game test of when heat control also good, even is will it put in thigh Shang play game, Qian 20 minutes even feels not to fan blow out of heat, and in that zhihou, blow out of heat also does not hot have cannot stand, opened strengthened thermal mode zhihou, fuselage of temperature also will further reduced, but said truth, this function fundamental didn’t necessary enabled.

In the standard video test of the cycle, GT72 in just 3 hours and eat battery completely, for high-end gaming, that is an average score, but if he switches to set display and reboot the PC, put HD4600 to work and not play games, video looping time exceeds 4.5 hours, for everyday use, the results are satisfactory.


GT72 GT70 before today, still has good sound quality, good effect superior touch keyboard and screen, while the GT72 will inherit these benefits does not fall down wrapped in a brand new design, enhance heat dissipation, reduced volume, increased battery life, and so the new rulers came.

Although sounds are trivial, Ascension, however, bujikuibu thousands of miles away?


A new design;

Excellent performance;

Speakers, keyboard and screen are excellent;

Medium to high range.


Too many built-in trial software;

Bad touch pad border design.

Source Engadget


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