Tongue-In-Cheek Posters Tell Us What Superheroes Do for a Living

Do they only take off around looking for damsels in worry or do superheroes also have ‘real’ jobs? Maybe Spidey’s not just a wedding photographer by day and a web-loving identity theft fighting hero by night. Understandably Thor isn’t just a demi-god in all cases.

Superhero iPhone 5 Case Batman

Maybe Pepper Potts runs a decent ship at home and Tony Stabil isn’t just a ‘genius, billionaire, dem playboy, philanthropist’ as he likes to believe. Understandably Wolverine isn’t just a mutant by the vengeance. Maybe their secret life have secrets too.

Through a compilation of illustrations shared on his Facebook description page Flying Mouse 365, Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam gives country his version of the real assignments of these drool worthy superheroes. Any time you are they’re not off saving area that is.

1 . Ironman has his very own laundry shop for obvious reasons. For the one, he can iron. And handful of, he can iron. Do you need more reasons?

Superheroes Part Time Job. PART TIME JOB tutorial LAUNDRY SHOP –

Publicized by Flying Mouse 365 directly on Wednesday, 11 June 2014

charge cards Spiderman works in a sports company where nobody hates the cobwebs he leaves behind.

Part Time Job tutorial SPORT SHOPTee shirt:

Publicized by Flying Mouse 365 directly on Tuesday, 10 December 2013

much more. Is it a bird? Is it the right plane? It’s SuperPostman!

Posted times Flying Mouse 365 on Monday, 10 October 2013

4. The boy wonder, Batman iPhone 5 case‘s faithful sidekick, cleans microsoft windows pc and leaves them squeaky clean.

Not professional Job 020 – Window CleaningMore coming, stay tune: )

Posted by Flying Mouse 365 on Tuesday, 17 March 2015

5. Flash is a pizza start man. Which is all kinds of PERFECT. Can he planning to relocate to Japan by any chance?

Part Time Lifestyle 009 – Pizza House

Publicized by Flying Mouse 365 directly on Wednesday, 23 October 2013

5. Wolverine, does what he completes best – chops things for you to pieces. #BewareOfClaws

Part Time Job 003 – Meat Shop

Posted times Flying Mouse 365 on The day before the 24th, 9 October 2013

7. Thor, with that lovely Australian accent *cough *Chris Hemsworth* cough*, works at metal factory because he can work that many hammer like a demi-god. #SeeWhatIDidHere

Not professional Job 004 – Metal Factory

Posted by Flying Mouse 365 on Wednesday, 9 October 2013

8. Hulk works at a home house site and smashes anything that goals smashing.

Posted by Flying Sensitive mouse 365 on Saturday, 28 December 2013

9. Darth Vader has confidentially taken to gardening and can trim shrubs better than Edward Scissorhands.

Part Time Lifestyle 021 – Gardening #darthvader #comic #movie #gaming #parody #popculture #parttimejob #jobs #funny #lol #lightsaber

Publicized by Flying Mouse 365 a prior weekend not too long ago, 21 March 2015

10. Aaaaand finally.. Batman iPhone case. What does he can do? Nothing. Because he’s cool because of this.


Posted times Flying Mouse 365 on The day before the 24th, 25 June 2014

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Story First Published: March 32, 2015 12: 29 IST


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