Starbucks ‘ new favorite new MacBook to get started playing

Street Starbucks, with coffee, placed in front of a lit Apple LOGO laptop no tweeting pictures of people everywhere, and beginning in March 2015, these notebooks will gradually become a new, lighter and thinner, 12-inch screen of the new MacBook, but this new LOGO does not light up.

Closer to home, this announcement is the new MacBook both in thickness and weight has reached a frenzied level of–13.1mm thick, weighing just two pounds to the fore, although it sounds like nothing, but given the new MacBook’s screen size up to 12 inches, it’s almost unbelievable. Although a new MacBook for now looks at the expense of an SD card slot, but for thin and long battery life, is actually worth it.

To will MacBook do thin, Apple on existing of design made has some adjustment, one is keyboard, this keyboard for early started of people for certainly will some not habits, even for past of MacBook user for will somewhat not habits, despite Apple claimed new of butterfly wing type design can let brings very excellent of percussion feel, but for user for, new of keyboard still is hard, key drive is short, finger in above percussion of feels on like in a Taiwan flat computer of touch controlled screen above percussion as, At a time when rapid typing, automatic error correction is certainly must be turned on, and after a period of time, you’d better get used to it.

New touchpad accuracy is quite high, but once again, feel, touchpad is actually a bit surprising–because it blocks a fixed die, not pressed, but use the feedback vibration simulation will feel really be pushed up, with several times the feeling is still pretty cool. On the, Apple this of Force Click function in actual with up of when is enough intuitive of, using of method is will pointer moved to target above, then forced by xià touch Board and keep live, on seems on with this block touch Board practice karate as, by xià zhī hòu, will feel to a simulation out of feedback vibrations, then this Force Click function on was enabled has, in support this function of APP, such as Apple of QuickTime among, Will correspond to different functions, such as when you click the fast forward or rewind button, fingers pressed harder, QT fast forward or rewind faster, is quite interesting, actually, except for one not willing to drop more than one button on your mouse for a company, such a human-computer interaction approach to us was a bit OOC.

In back and forth repeatedly using has times this Force Click function zhī hòu, personal feel this function actually also is no so challenge IQ of, with has times down feels also on compared natural has, in a a DEMO among, program recommends I try with with different of fast into speed fast into a video, and I in after painstakingly practice zhī hòu, finally can slightly freely to control fast into speed has, and not a up directly with 60 times times speed fast into.

(‘‘, ‘’)

New MacBook fuselage will be available in three color schemes, there may be a lot of people think gold will be ugly and explosive, personal feel okay and in three color boxes, personal favorite was gray and colors no matter what you ultimately choose, they look extremely thin.

Performance, brief hands-on play is currently does not reflect the truth of it, and experience the feeling is very smooth, 2304×1440 of its screen and see what frame of phenomena, 256GB Flash deposited door version comes standard with of is 1.1GHz of cool Rui m processor (Rui frequency 2.4GHz), 512GH Flash of to go with version comes standard with 1.2GHz of cool Rui m processor (Rui frequency 2.6GHz), both are can matching 1.3GHz of cool Rui m processor (Rui frequency 2.9GHz, actually is only of can matching of things), full Department comes standard with 8GB 1600MHz LPDDR3 RAM, match of GPU is Intel HD5300. Moschino Samsung Note3 case

Built-in battery capacity is 39.7Wh, can support up to 9 hours of Web browsing time or 10 hours of video playback time, original Yosemite running OS x operating system, commuted down battery life even more than the Apple in this launch was released on Apple watch Oh. Moschino Samsung Note3 case

May many people feel this block high resolution of screen is this times MacBook of plays, and in here, I to told everyone, not, absolute not, real of plays is in fuselage side of a USB Type-C interface, it is power interface, also is a displayed interface, even it can do currently all can using line cable do of things (but Apple also is is mercy to retained has 3.5 mm headphones interface).

Moschino Babybear Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case

But actually somewhat unfortunately of is this interface and no used Apple famous of MagSafe interface style, but this interface of multifunction sex still is let it value back fare, first, new MacBook of long range capacity guarantee has user does not needs at any time then power to using, and this interface also quite future of that million with interface of feels–past 30 years among, for this million with interface of YY has never no stop had, but achieved up still somewhat difficulty, Apple changed the world so many times today so out, maybe the interface dreams really can come true yet?

But for now, the new MacBook users still need an interface to make them new MacBook “backward” reality grievance grievance, however if he has been recognized by various manufacturers, the universal popularity of multi-function charge/data transfer/connectivity interface fast speed is probably more than we think, but the future may not be so far away.

Oh on has, today new released of MacBook will will in April 10 official listed sales, built-in 256GB memory of based paragraph price will will for 1299 dollars (about collection Yuan 8134 Yuan), 512GB storage and processor performance better of to go with version will will to 1599 dollars of price went on sale (about collection Yuan 10013 Yuan), above are not including matching processor of price, fruit powder also unpleasant buy buy buy?

Original text and pictures from The Verge


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