Otterbox Defender Samsung Galaxy S5 Casing Black

The Otterbox commuter iPhone 5S case Defender is made up of high impact polycarbonate with a durable silicon coating to protect your Samsung Universe S5 from damage caused by debris, drops, bumps and shocks. What’s more, it includes a built in screen protector on a guards against scratches while nonetheless maintaining full touchscreen functionality and consequently comes with a holster style swivelling seatbelt clip so you can carry your voice how it suits you.

Otterbox Commuter Silicone iPhone 5 Case Black

Strong constructing features a protective membrane, polycarbonate covering and silicone coating to offer three layers of protection.

Integrated screen area protector to prevent scratches and junks.

Includes built in port covers to stop out dust and debris.

Supplies a holster clip so you can carry ones phone on your belt.

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