Singaporean chosen by Marc Jacobs for brand spanking new ad campaign

It started of your simple hashtag #castmemarc.

Marc By Marc Jacobs TPU iPhone 5 iPhone 5S Case Eyes Yellow

Guess just she became a Guess copy

What’s in Singapore model Fiona Fussi’s bag

And next month, Nadia Rahmat’s face will be plastered stylish magazines worldwide as part of the latest Marc by Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 5 Spring 2015 ad campaign.

At 1 . 65m and also 50kg, the 24-year-old Singaporean doesn’t necessarily look like your typical model.

Up till now, the communications student was handpicked out of 50, 000 people via around the world to be one of 11 newly purchased faces for the campaign.

Speaking to Model Paper on Tuesday, the en rapport and composed Nadia said: “It’s very unreal, I can’t believe it is really happening. It’s like one of those instances when you Photoshop your face onto the best ad campaign, except that it’s real this time around.

“It feels weird and contournĂ©, but it’s nice. “

Last longer September, renowned US fashion business Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 5s case presented a worldwide social media casting, which made it possible for Instagram and Twitter users to create photos, using the hashtag #castmemarc, to obtain a chance to be featured in the tv ad.

Nadia recounted: “When I discovered the casting, I thought, ‘Why definitely? ‘. I identify with the brand’s style as it’s fun and a little more ‘street’, so I decided to join. lunch break

She has never been signed to any and all modelling agency here, and has conform only done freelance modelling to suit local fashion labels Mash-Up and also Yesah.

In 2011, she was scouted to join The New Paper’s New Deal with modelling competition, but only wine basket to the second round.

Click on thumbnail to view photos. Source:

The New Documents, Tumblr, Nadiia Rahmat’s, The Straits Times, Skye Tan, Audi Fashion accessory Festival

By the time the Marc around Marc Jacobs casting ended on top of Sept 26, there were at least 75, 000 posts with the hashtag #castmemarc with some participants submitting multiple photo set.

In October, Nadia was knowledgeable via e-mail that she seemed to be to one of 50-plus shortlisted hopefuls would you be flown to New York City to obtain a face-to-face casting.

During her initial visit to the Big Apple, she was routed straight to the studio – containing luggage in tow – promptly after touching down from a 24-hour ticket.

She was then wearing a pink tank top and a pair of purple velvet black leggings, and her an extended hair was braided.

The fashion team kept her braids for a particular shoot, with the stylist giving jane’s the nickname “braids girl”.

Recollecting the experience, Nadia laughed and explained: “I thought I would have the possibility of go to the hotel to freshen up initial as I felt quite gross and also wanted to shower so badly. It was then scary and really stressful. “

Nevertheless , instead of feeling insecure or scared, Nadia said she was a little more in awe when she noticed her fellow contestants in the expecting room.

She recalled: “I seemed to be to thinking: ‘All these people are so pleasant and unique in their own alternatives, what am I doing here? ‘. There was definitely tension in the room when it was obvious that everyone really wanted if you are picked. “

For Nadia, one of the waiting part was the hardest while names were called at random scenarios throughout the second day of largesse.

She recounted: “I was freaking out because all of us had are cluess what was going on. It didn’t in which if our names were branded, we were definitely picked.

“It counted on who suited the direction within the campaign. Everything felt very not known. “

Ultimately, seven women and nearly four men were chosen for the promo happening, which was shot in New York City around the second and third day within the casting.

The only other Asian with group was a female Korean trendy.


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